April 15, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The addiction crisis, fueled by both opioid prescription and the prevalence of heroin galvanized professionals and community members at a comprehensive forum.

Is the Bloomfield Police Department engaging in racial profiling? A Seton Hall study of tickets on the court docket would suggest it is.

An Uber battle in Newark. The mayor wants the ride-share drivers to pay the same fees taxis do. Uber’s threatening to leave.

Airbnb’s agreed to pay Newark the same taxes hotels do. We’ll tell you how that’s affecting the little guy.

Big changes at the Motor Vehicle Commission. No more more tailpipe inspections. And if your car’s a pre-1995 model, no more inspections.

And no joy in Mudville. A superstar Barnegat pitchers benched for violating a high school athletic association rule.

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