Announcing TCNJ Snow Days Has Made Dave Muha a Campus Celebrity

By Briana Vannozzi

“It’s Muha. He’s like a campus celebrity. You have to know who he is!” said Hailey Marr, a junior at The College of New Jersey.

He’s the man behind the words every college kid longs to hear — class cancelled, snow day.

“He’s the reason we get to sleep in a little later, spend a little more time with our friends so, I’m 100 percent appreciative of Dave Muha,” said Junior Jenny Sekanics.

“I have become the face of snow days,” Muha said.

And on The College of New Jersey campus, he’s also become a bit of a legend.

When asked if it was a surprise that it took off like this, Muha said, “It absolutely did. You know, from my perspective I haven’t done anything other than my job.”

Part of that job is letting the college community know about any snow delays or cancellations. And not long after he changed protocol by personally signing the emails, the tweets started rolling in.

“If you check Yik Yak the night of a snowstorm it’s all like, Muha bless us, like when’s Muha gonna come in clutch and then when he does it’s just like ahh Muha! And everyone goes nuts,” said Freshman Dan Apicella.

“I get a lot of prayers. I’ve gotten marriage proposals. A student last year offered to name his first born after me if I got him out of his organic chemistry exam, which I did,” Muha said.

The whole campus is under the Muha grip, which really began after last year’s incessant snow.

“Somebody wrote that they love me. I don’t know if they know me,” Muha said. But they love him. “They love me, yeah,” he said.

But it’s still holding strong despite less flurries.

“I came back to find this tweet, ‘Saw the Dave Muha on my run around the loop and I’m equating it to seeing the groundhog come out of his hole and not seeing his shadow,’” he said.

We took Dave’s snow fame, which he finds both humbling and slightly nutty, out for a spin in the college cafeteria.

“I actually have a shirt too that says I snowflake Muha. Because he cancels school for snow days. So yeah,” said Sophomore Mike Cohen.

The freshman class did cash in on his name for a fundraiser and it worked — the most successful one yet.

“I’m told that students wear them days before when snow is in the forecast. They’ll put them on as a good luck,” Muha said.

When Sophomore Alyssa Freitas hears the name Dave Muha she said, “I mean I get excited because I know that means I don’t have class and I get to relax a little bit longer. It’s exciting when Muha’s name pops up, definitely!”

“Especially when I say that I work for Dave, people get very excited. It’s kind of a fun claim to fame,” said Senior Intern Jenna Nerger. She said people ask her to put in a good word for a snow day.

“I’ve had somebody say to me this kind of the snow fame, if you will, is a really TCNJ thing in that it’s spirited and it’s positive and it’s fun and that’s the real spirit of the place,” Muha said.

This snow fame has become such a big deal the Philadelphia Inquirer picked up the story and now TV news crews are storming his office.

There’s no telling just how big this could get, but one thing is certain — as long as the snow continues, so will the madness for Muha.