AG Targets TeachMe Apps Developer Over Privacy Concerns

By Desiree Taylor

There are more than 15 billion apps downloaded by more than 200 million users worldwide according to Apple. Among them are the TeachMe series apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which are among Apple’s best selling applications. State officials say they encourage children to provide their name and picture. State Division of Consumers Affairs investigators found the apps were allegedly transmitting this personal information to a third party. So the Attorney General and the Division of Consumer Affairs filed a suit in federal court yesterday against the mobile app developer, 24×7 digital LLC. “We asked the court to permanently stop this activity,” said Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa. “And that any information that has been transferred and collected be permanently destroyed.”

It’s unclear why the data was allegedly being collected. But in this digital age there’s always a concern that personal information can end up in the wrong hands. “We don’t have any information that any pictures were transmitted or that there’s any predatory issues going on, but we want to make sure that’s the case,” said Chiesa.

After our interview with the Attorney General, 24×7 digital LLC issued a statement saying it “is committed to complying with all laws including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. And the company claims it has removed all analytics, which essentially track data of apps users, from its entire TeachMe apps series.