AARP NJ President Says Caregiver Bill Will Pass

New Jersey lawmakers are now considering a bill that would allow patients to designate caregivers and then require hospitals to help them prepare for life after a patient is discharged and AARP New Jersey is a driving force behind that bill AARP New Jersey State President Dave Mollen told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he thinks that the Caregiver Bill will pass.

When asked if he thinks the bill will pass and get Gov. Chris Christie’s signature, Mollen said he does think that will happen.

Mollen said that he is working with the New Jersey Hospital Association to work out how everything can be done practically, in a way that does not hurt the hospitals.

Mollen said that around 20 percent of Medicare patients who are hospitalized and released go back into the hospital within 30 days. He said that a lot of the reason for that is that their caregivers cannot help them or they do not understand the instructions.

Mollen said that AARP was not against the PSE&G rate hike. He said that they were concerned that the money that PSE&G asked for would be appropriate, spent wisely, and the way to arrive at knowing that is with the proper reviews. The AARP just wanted PSE&G’s proposal to be reviewed and justified and that happened. $1.4 billion was saved and the $1.2 billion being spent will be spent on efforts that have been shown will help solve the problems that occurred during previous storms, like Hurricane Sandy.

Mollen said that there is no question that PSE&G needs to spend money to solve storm caused problems. He said that the question is how much and how so you determine that? He said that it is the Board of Public Utilities job to ensure that money is properly allocated and supervised and that is what has happened. He said that they are all in agreement now about the amount of money and what is going to be done with it.

Mollen said that he thinks AARP does really well and are very responsible. He said that he is really proud of what they accomplish.