A tale of two counties in 3rd District battle between MacArthur and Kim

BY Leah Mishkin, Correspondent |

It’s been a very tight race and it can really go either way. This 3rd District is known to have a split view. You have Ocean County, which has the largest number of Trump supporters in the state. But it’s offset by Burlington County, which has a lot of momentum around Democratic candidate Andy Kim.

Remember in 2008 and 2012, President Obama won the district, but in 2016 President Donald Trump won the district over Hillary Clinton.

NJTV News was out with both candidates on Election Day. MacArthur, the incumbent Republican, was having a lunch with veterans, while Andy Kim was with volunteers knocking on doors.

But what is their final message to voters?

“I’m running to represent the people of South Jersey. Whether they like Trump or not, I’m focused on them. I’m focused on issues like saving the Joint Base, and helping Deborah Hospital, and helping with the opioid crisis. Doing the things that matter to people here — getting the economy going again, having a functional government where people work together,” MacArthur said.

“I’m somebody that wants to make sure that this district has a representative that’s focused on them, not corporations or special interest. I’m somebody that was a career public servant, working under both Republicans and Democrats. I want to move past this hyper-partisanship that we see now. I want to be part of a new generation of leaders that are going to focus in on the American people, work to protect Social Security and Medicare, work to lower health care costs and prescription drug costs, make sure that we’re working for New Jersey families,” Kim said.

As for the two candidates, they’ll be watching election results come in in private with their family, friends and volunteers.