What does the average New Jersey resident pay in property taxes?

BY Rhonda Schaffler, Correspondent |

Taxes are a tough topic to talk about. The common complaint in New Jersey is that taxes are too high — and there is some validity to that. New Jersey’s property tax burden is higher than many other states, according to numerous studies. Business organizations have blamed high taxes in New Jersey for outmigration to states like Pennsylvania.

So how much money are we shelling out each year? The average property tax bill in New Jersey was $8,690 in 2017, which was a $141 increase over the average bill paid in the prior year. And there are plenty of Garden State residents who would love to pay the average bill, because their bills are much higher. In Bergen County for instance, the average property tax bill was $11,564 in 2017.

Here is a full list of the average property tax bills by county for 2017, the latest available data, ranked from lowest to highest.

Average Property Tax Bills by County (from least to most expensive)
Source: NJ Department of Community Affairs

21. Cumberland County

2017 average property tax bill: $4,152

20. Cape May County

2017 average property tax bill: $4,990

19. Salem County

2017 average property tax bill: $5,533

18. Ocean County

2017 average property tax bill: $6,169

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at your property taxes and where the money is going. We’ve teamed up with the New Jersey Society of CPAs, New Jersey Realtors and the Bloustein School to present an online, three-part series on Feb. 13, 20 and 27 that will help you Know Jersey: Finances.

We’ll be joined by experts who will help make sense of your property tax bill, explain how property taxes are impacting the New Jersey real estate market, and discuss whether your federal tax bill will increase this year now that there’s a federal limit on property tax deductions. Send us your questions using the form below!