Toxic algal bloom warning lifted at Manasquan Reservoir in Howell

BY Julie Daurio, Producer |

The harmful algal bloom detected earlier this month in the Manasquan Reservoir in Howell has dissipated.

Swimming, boating, fishing and other recreation has resumed at the reservoir, according to the Monmouth County Parks System, which lifted the warning on Saturday.

On Aug. 7, officials urged residents to avoid contact with the water, not to eat fish caught in the reservoir, and to keep pets and livestock from drinking or coming in contact with the water after cyanobacteria — a greenish, algae-like bloom — was detected in the reservoir.

Contact with the blooms can cause rashes, eye irritation, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

While the reservoir is a source of drinking water for some 300,000 Monmouth and Ocean County residents, officials said the treatment process removes cyanobacteria from tap water and that residents who drink treated water were not at risk.

Harmful algal bloom warnings remain in place at nearly a dozen bodies of water across the state, including sections of Lake Hopatcong and Greenwood Lake.