Report: Majority of NJ hospitals perform unnecessary C-sections

A new report says that more than 3 out of 4 New Jersey hospitals that deliver babies perform too many unnecessary C-sections.

The surgery puts mothers at risk of infection and blood clots, as well as prolonging the recovery process and possibly causing problems in future pregnancies. It also increases an infant’s risk of developing diabetes and breathing problems.

The report was released Wednesday by the hospital safety monitoring Leapfrog Group. It recommends that no more than 23.9% of babies be delivered surgically.

Only 11 of the 49 birthing hospitals in New Jersey met that goal. Of the 47 birthing hospitals that submitted data, Cooper University Hospital in Camden had the lowest C-section rate at 12.8%. Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus recorded the highest at 55%.

While the percentage of hospitals in New Jersey that delivered babies by C-section without medical necessity declined last year, its rates are still higher than the national average.