NJTV Weather: Snowfall Will Affect Tuesday Commute

By Meteorologist John Cifelli for NJTV News

Some slight adjustments to the forecast have been made, and the faint of heart not read any further. It may be best to just stay under the covers tomorrow and pretend Tuesday was universally skipped on the calendar!

It is cold and dry across New Jersey today. Most locations north of the AC Expressway did not climb above freezing. Dew-points are in the single digits, and it is dry aloft as well which will be important for keeping precipitation snowy tomorrow morning. As the column saturates, it cools which is important as moisture fluxes across the state on a southerly flow. As the evening progresses, we will remain clear, which much like this past Friday, allows the bottom to fall out from our temperatures. We will head for the low 20s with some isolated teens before high pressure slides east and the wind switches southeast out ahead of the advancing Great Lakes low.

Snowfall rates have been impressive over the mid-west. Three to four inches an hour of snowfall has been reported, which reminds us of the Thursday morning pasting we received. As this low pressure area traverses eastward towards New Jersey, it will weaken before redeveloping along the southern New Jersey coastline. Snow will come in like a wall and be moderate to heavy for a couple of hours tomorrow morning, centered around rush hour with some accumulation already on the ground before that. Earliest start time in NJ could be as early as 3 or 4am. Snow should have finished making a mess of the morning by lunch time.

Again, accumulations won’t be extreme, but the timing and intensity will make the morning commute somewhere between difficult and dangerous. Here’s the map:

So incredibly, it looks like another day of delays at best, closings at worst for the school crowd.
I promise, Friday looks toasty.