NJTV Weather: Light Snowfall Expected Saturday

By Meteorologist John Cifelli for NJTV News

Do you know how much rest the weary get? They get none, unless you consider today’s relatively balmy weather a sufficient respite from our historic winter of snow and cold. Tomorrow, we are once again in the crosshairs as another potent shortwave zips through an amplifying 500mb trough, bringing some rain and snow to New Jersey. When I say “amplified,” I am referring to the fact that a parcel of air at this level travels in meridional fashion, north to south or vice versa as it progresses across the lower 48. That is contrasted with a “flat” pattern aloft, which means air travels zonally west to east. Here’s a side by side. When looking for storminess, the amplified pattern gives you the greater likelihood of a storm.

So for tomorrow, we are dealing with the former. The air mass is only marginally cold, but with partially clear skies to start the evening, we should see temperatures drop into the 20s statewide, except down near the water in South Jersey.

Precipitation begins around daybreak, as sprinkles of rain particularly in South Jersey, and as snow showers elsewhere. As precipitation intensity increases, we will see things change over to snow statewide. This is not going to be like yesterday — it won’t be dumping buckets at historic rates. It will be more manageable, and for a period, accumulations will be hampered by lighter rates and marginal surface temperatures along the South Jersey coast. Snow will be wrapping up early evening, and Sunday will be cold.

Hang tough everyone! Hold the line! Let’s get through one more wintry weekend, and then enjoy a relatively calm period of weather, with gradual moderation. Temperatures will run average to slightly above average as the week progresses, and yes, I still like the idea of seeing some 50s by week’s end.