NJTV News Weather: Single Digit Temps, Light Snow This Weekend

20150212_SnowMapBy Meteorologist John Cifelli

The latest blast of winter is being felt across New Jersey today. Snow showers briefly reduced visibility to less than a mile in places earlier this evening, as a blustery arctic air mass is spreading across the mid-Atlantic. Wind chills are already in the single digits, and it will feel increasingly colder tonight as low temperatures dip into the single digits nearly statewide. This is the common theme for the next five days — COLD. Highs will struggle to escape the teens tomorrow, and we’re in the single digits for Friday night as well.

Saturday is our next weather event, if you don’t consider extreme cold an “event.” Low pressure will move from Canada through the Great Lakes and toward New Jersey during the day. A powerful upper level low, responsible for steering the surface low along this strange Great Lakes to New Jersey to Maine track, will encourage rapid deepening of the surface low when it reaches the Atlantic Coast. While I think this spells only light snows for most of New Jersey, someone just north and east will see heavy snowfall Saturday night. A couple computer models suggest an inverted trough draws moisture back toward northern New Jersey and New York City, but those are rare occurrences that usually do not work out. It does bear watching, however.

So for the Valentine’s lovebirds, Philadelphia looks better than New York weather wise, and you might be better off grabbing the early seating. Light snow will begin in the early afternoon, and linger through midnight. Although snow will be light, it will accumulate easily with cold surfaces after a couple days of this nasty freeze. This is one of those storms where it will be snowing in the low to mid 20s. Sunday looks dry and as cold as tomorrow will be if not a couple degrees colder. Monday is clear and cold, while Tuesday brings the next threat of snowfall.

Only 16 days until March!