NJTV News Weather: Icing a Concern for Monday Night

Web Graphic - Weather copyBy Meteorologist John Cifelli

We have reached our high temperatures for the day, so if you are below freezing now, you will continue to experience snow, sleet or icing as the storm wraps up over the next few hours. As the coastal low pressure center has taken over, winds have switched to the north, lowering temperatures statewide. Temperatures are cooling aloft as well. As a result, sleet and rain along the Route 1 and 202 corridors will transition back to snow. Light accumulations are possible, especially in northeast New Jersey and the New York City metro area. Here there will be several more hours of moderate snow and up to three inches. For the rest of the state, snowfall ratios are really crummy because the air aloft is just barely cold enough for snowflakes to crystallize. There’s still a fair amount of moisture around before the system departs the area. so perhaps up to an inch. Cold air doesn’t arrive in time to change over precipitation to snow for the southern half of the state until the storm is about finished. A coating or so for those south of 195.

Statewide, icing on the roads is a concern tonight, as standing water from the rainfall coupled with some storm drains that may have snow clogging them will freeze as the surface temperatures continue to drop. Even if you saw mostly rain today, your roads could be dangerous tonight. As soon as your thermometer reads 32 degrees, be very cautious if you are out tonight. Winds will be on the increase as well, so with temperatures in the low teens, New Jersey will experience sub-zero wind chill values. Don’t go out if you don’t have to.

Some rain or snow showers are possible Wednesday night as an Arctic front passes across the state. I’ll have my eye on that in case some snow squalls develop along the front, which can sometimes put down a couple quick inches in an hour or two. Otherwise it’s a relatively quiet, but cold week ahead.