NJ Jurors Can Use Free App to Access Info

By Michelle Sartor Lang
Senior Multimedia Web Producer

A screenshot of the free NJJuror app, currently available for Apple iOS devices.

Residents called to jury duty in New Jersey now have a new way to get information — a free app called NJJuror. The state Judiciary announced today that the mobile application is currently available for Apple devices and will be available for Windows and Android phones in the coming months.

The free app takes jury information from the Judiciary website and presents it in a convenient way on Apple iOS devices, which includes iPhones and iPads.

The General Information portion of the app has a list of frequently asked questions about jury service. The app also links to the Judiciary’s social media channels and to the “You the Juror” introductory video shown at the beginning of jury service.

“We appreciate the sacrifices that jurors make to perform a vital public service for the community and want to make jury service as convenient as possible. With that aim in mind, the Judiciary developed the ‘NJJuror’ app to inform jurors about their role, provide directions as well as up-to-date information about whether they need to report on a particular day, and relay other useful details,” Chief Justice Stuart Rabner said in a statement.

The Judiciary has been increasing its communication through technology. In June, it introduced a program that allowed jurors to register to receive e-mails and texts about upcoming service. The Judiciary reports that 105,000 people have used the program. Those individuals get reminder notifications before the date of their service begins and call-off notices during service, which lets them know if they need to report.

Jurors have been able to complete the qualification questionnaire online since 2010. The Judiciary reports that 57 percent of jurors take advantage of that option.

Feedback from jurors has led to increased online services and the Judiciary hopes to continue that trend.

“We will continue to look for ways to improve the system and are pleased by the positive responses to recent advances,” Rabner said.

Residents interested in downloading the free app can visit the Apple Store and search for NJJuror.