Newark’s Prudential Center to host MTV Video Music Awards

Newark is rolling out the red carpet for MTV’s Video Music Awards. This is the first time the awards show will be hosted in New Jersey. Radio City Music Hall hosted the event last year.

On Aug. 26 some of music’s brightest stars will set foot in a state that’s been home to members of music’s pantheon. It’s a fact not lost on Gov. Phil Murphy.

“You think about Frank Sinatra, the Fugees, My Chemical Romance, Whitney Houston, the Boss who has won a bunch of VMAs. Bon Jovi — by the way their set list from opening night is right behind me, they opened this place with 10 shows. On and on and on. Gloria Gaynor, bless her heart, she had the great anthem I will survive. And Newark is not only proving I will survive, I will thrive. And Newark is thriving,” he said Monday.

“The folks they’re going to bring here they’re going to shop at our stores, going to hang out in the city of Newark, get to see Newark from another side that’s going to be awesome. Their relationship with the high schools, allowing kids to have a behind the scenes view of what the Video Music Awards are so I think we’re going to benefit a great deal here in the city of Newark,” said Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.

Students in Barringer High School’s music technology program will get free tickets the VMAs. The school already receives instruments from VH1’s Save the Music Foundation to expand music education.