Newark nonprofit for girls facilitates ‘Write to Lead’ campaign

BY Lyndsay Christian, Producer and Correspondent |

Courtesy: Butterfly Dreamz, Inc.

A nonprofit organization in Newark is raising money to hire young authors. Butterfly Dreamz is sponsoring the “Write to Lead iFundWomen” campaign to help pay for scholarships and paid summer internship programs for high school girls in Newark.

The students will be selected in collaboration with the City of Newark’s Summer Youth Employment program. As a first step, students should fill out the SYEP employment application, after which the SYEP office will work to match students based on their interests.

Courtesy: Butterfly Dreamz, Inc.

Butterfly Dreamz will ultimately hire graduate fellows to assist with implementing the programming and supporting the girls throughout the internship. During the internship, participants set and achieve personalized learning goals, design and lead community programs, and author an inspiring young adult book.

Courtesy: Butterfly Dreamz, Inc.

“I love seeing the look on our students’ and their families’ faces when they complete one of our programs. It’s a look of pride and accomplishment. In addition to celebrating that they are published authors, our girls are also able to see the impact their voice can have on so many people,” said Butterfly Dreamz, Inc. Founder and Executive Director Joy Lindsay.

Students will also participate in a community book launch, which is a rare experience that builds their communication, project management and servant leadership skills. And, by elevating and affirming their voice as authors and leaders, they begin to develop confidence.

“This experience has helped me truly realize how much I love writing and how being courageous and trying new things can lead to positive results,” said Vanessa Darkoa, student author featured in “My City Sketched in Words,” a collection of short stories written by Newark students in honor of the city’s 350th anniversary.

“Butterfly Dreamz exposed me to different career choices, expanded my knowledge, and helped me learn how to come out of my comfort zone,” said Haniyyah Williams, past intern and Girlz Group mentee.

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