Menendez outlines plan to improve access, affordability of child care

BY Michael Hill, Correspondent |

Sen. Bob Menendez went to Augusta Pre-School Academy in Irvington to talk about his bill — the Child Care for Working Families Act — to help working families afford day care and early education.

Menendez says the bill would give direct aid to more than a million and a half working, middle-class families living paycheck to paycheck. He also says would create nearly 800,000 new childcare jobs while helping to equalize the gender pay gap.

“If we want more Americans to start families, we cannot ignore recent survey data that suggests the cost of child care is one of the top reasons that people are having few children,” Menendez said. “Flowers and Mother’s Day cards are nice, but what we really need are policies that help moms succeed and level the playing field for working families.”

“When scholars transition from our preschool program to kindergarten, they are more than ready to meet academic expectations because of their exposure to preschool. Irvington’s public school believe that the road to college begins in preschool,” said Shelly Caldwell, the director of early childhood at Irvington Public Schools.

Menendez says the government can pay for the Child Care For Working Families Act by repealing corporate tax breaks because he doesn’t see the jobs they’re supposed to be creating.