Law firm releases more names of clergy accused of sexual abuse

Should scores more be added to the list of 188 clergy members the catholic church says were credibly accused of sexual abuse?

The law firm, Jeff Anderson & Associates, argues they should — and has released the names and histories of 311 priests, nuns and other clergy members whose identities were culled from public accounts, news reports and lawsuits.

Attorney Jeff Anderson argues the names should have been included in the initial list three months ago.

“The reason that becomes so imperative, the reason we’ve done it is because the bishops haven’t. And they’ve chosen to hide and keep it secret. Transparency protects kids,” said Anderson at a press event Monday that released the additional names.

The law firm is also representing an alleged victim who’s filed suit against New Jersey’s five Catholic dioceses alleging that by failing to name all clergy members accused they created a “public hazard.”