Jaffe Morning Briefing: Oct. 27, 2014


NEWARK – Perhaps the state’s policy for dealing with potential Ebola patients should include blocking them from granting interviews. In that case, Gov. Chris Christie would not have to deal with an angry, outspoken nurse under a 21-day mandatory quarantine at a Newark hospital. From her isolation tent, Nurse Kaci Hicox offers up some choice words to CNN, criticizing the governor for calling her “obviously ill.” She adds: “first of all, I don’t think he is a doctor. Secondly, he’s never laid eyes on me; and thirdly, I’ve been asymptomatic since I’ve been here.” Meanwhile, the nurse is vowing to sue for her freedom.

NEWARK – The Obama Administration is not giving Gov. Chris Christie much help, saying the state’s 21-day quarantines for medical workers returning from West Africa is “not grounded in science.” But Christie is holding firm, saying his concern is the 8.9 million people who live in New Jersey and he can’t count on some loosey-goosey voluntary system for quarantines. The governor thinks his position will ultimately become a national policy – especially as more and more Ebola patients crop up on our shores.

NEWARK – While many pile on the governor, with one physician calling his policy “draconian,” there’s one encouraging poll that offers some support. A new Fairleigh Dickinson University Public Mind poll is out this morning, showing New Jerseyans have much more confidence in state officials than the federal government in this Ebola mess. Two thirds of the 1,100 respondents graded the feds with a poor or fair rating, while an encouraging 53 percent think the Christie administration could do a better job than Uncle Sam.

NEWARK – For doctors and nurses who risk their lives to treat Ebola patients in West Africa, how should they be treated upon their return? Of course, they are selfless heroes, who should be universally honored for their selflessness and sacrifice. But, with the height of hysteria, the welcome party includes extensive medical checks, hazmat suits and – in the case of Kaci Hicox – an express trip to an isolation tent in Newark. Does this discourage other medical professionals to volunteer in West Africa? No need to state the obvious.

ATLANTIC CITY – The fall-out from the closing of all these casinos enters the next chapter, as the bean counters begin to figure out what this means for the city’s budget. The Revel owes about $30 million in property taxes and penalties to Atlantic City, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as lawyers representing all these shuttered casinos seek tax appeals on buildings worth much, much less than the assessed value. The Revel is supposed to pay $38 million on an assessment of $1.15 billion. But, as we all know, the Revel is being sold for just $110 million. The battle heads to court on Wednesday – with almost 20 percent of the city’s entire expected tax collection in jeopardy because of this failed casino, the Inquirer says.

TRENTON – Ever wanted to know what it’s like to live like a confined pig waiting for slaughter? Well, pack up the kiddies and head on down to Trenton today, where you can test your patience in a human-sized “gestation crate” – to be parked on the Statehouse steps. The Humane Society of the United States is sponsoring the event to persuade Gov. Chris Christie to regulate the confinement of pregnant pigs in New Jersey, giving them some breathing room.


MESA, Ariz. – There was likely a very surprised family who heard plenty of loud splashing in their backyard pool. That’s where a wandering horse stopped by for a cold drink, but ended up falling in. Firefighters and a veterinarian rushed in for help, tranquilizing the horse and then using several straps to pull the animal out of the pool. The horse wasn’t injured in all of this, but the pool guy likely has a full day’s work ahead of him.


It was this day in 1964 that Sonny wed Cher. It was noted that Cher wore a wedding gown of bell-bottoms – although plenty else was even odder.

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