Jaffe Morning Briefing: May 29, 2014


NEW MILFORD – Parents have dreams their kids will make a lot of money, but not exactly like this. The Record reports a New Milford high school student was dashing off bogus $20 bills on a home printer and passing them out to friends to distribute. The kids face charges as juveniles – luckily for them – but it looks like some teen might get his computer privileges suspended for a week or two.

NEW BRUNSWICK – Democrats want voters to know they are working for them, not those rich millionaires in Mendham with their fancy cars, martini-swilling wives and their big-time Governor. And that is why State Sen. Stephen Sweeney – a gubernatorial hopeful – kicks off his statewide tour today at a local Foodtown to tout plans to increase the minimum wage and to likely hype the so-called “millionaire’s tax” to balance the state budget. It’s a shame the phrase “I feel your pain” has already been taken.

NEWARK – City officials hold on to the dream the downtown will one day be the bustling home to hip urban residents breathing in all the excitement of Newark. Yet the harsh reality remains that the 5 p.m. whistle signals the speedy flight of workers back to the comfy suburbs. Maybe it all changes today, with the ribbon-cutting of the newest phase of RockPlaza Lofts, a $38 million apartment, art gallery, restaurant and retail development next to the Pru Center.

CAMDEN – The rule in Philadelphia has been simple: Never, ever look east across the Delaware River at Camden. It doesn’t exist; there’s nothing there. But now, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer, there are rumblings the 76ers may be eyeing some property on the Camden waterfront for a state-of-the-art practice facility. It would be an amazing victory for Camden, and perhaps convince Philadelphians that the Ben Franklin Bridge actually goes somewhere, rather than just into an abyss.

HACKENSACK – The demonizing of Vice President Dick Cheney continues, with Bergen County Democrats demanding County Executive Kathleen Donovan turn down campaign funds raised by GOPAC at a Hackensack fundraiser on Tuesday featuring Cheney and his wife, Lynne. Local Democrats are blaming Cheney and GOPAC for what is wrong with government today, the Record reports. Fine, but even though Cheney was one of the most unpopular vice presidents in recent history, he was still elected (somewhat) and re-elected to serve the country based on his judgment. Buyer’s remorse has little to do with campaign fundraising for either political party.

MANASQUAN – There are lots of questions about what exactly happened to a 20-year-old graduate of Bergen Catholic High School, known as a “scholar athlete.” CBS reports he carjacked an electric buggy Sunday driven by two members of the Manasquan Beach Patrol, kicking out the windshield, mugging the people inside, throwing them out and then riding it down the boardwalk, aiming the buggy at people, throwing punches and ultimately crashing it. Cops likened it to “Grand Theft Auto.” He then busted into a beach house to get away, with seven people struggling to subdue him before cops arrived. The angry young man was legally drunk, but refused a drug test. Manasquan cops note that, yep, it is only Memorial Day.

FORT LEE – The owner of a McDonald’s now figures it would have been much cheaper to offer up a couple of complimentary Happy Meals, after two drunk New Yorkers trashed his place on Monday when workers refused to hand over free food. Fox News reports the pair threw chairs at employees, smashed the cash registers and damaged the windows before Fort Lee cops could control them. Finally, two customers McDonald’s is happy to hand over to Burger King.


TRENTON – Daryl Isherwood, a long-time political reporter and editor in New Jersey, is leaving NJ.com for the “dark side,” as the newest staffer at Mercury Public Affairs, run in part by Christie strategist Mike DuHaime.


TORONTO – Can mayoral politics in Toronto get any seedier? The answer is a firm “yes,” with word that Canada’s favorite crackhead will be running for re-election against porn star Nikki Benz. Mayor Rob Ford, now in drug rehab, is apparently less qualified for the job than Benz, who vows to lower taxes by bringing in the adult film industry. Interesting platform…should the city be renamed Sodom or Gomorrah?


It was one year ago today that scientists made the discovery that the oldest known bird is the Aurornis xui – dating back 160 million years. That trumps what many others consider to be the oldest bird.

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