Jaffe Morning Briefing: June 19, 2014


TRENTON – While Gov. Chris Christie claims there’s no way to pay $1.6 billion into the state pension fund for the fiscal 2015 budget, Democrats naturally disagree. Senate President Stephen Sweeney proclaims “Let’s tax the rich!,” jacking up the income tax for people who earn more than $500,000 and increasing corporate rates with a “temporary” 15 percent surcharge, NJTV reports. If Christie won’t play ball, Sweeney says, let’s take the issue to the voters – the large majority, of course, won’t be taking the tax hit. It all seems like a very logical, voter-friendly way out of a tough jam – until the state begins wondering why there are no new jobs and companies are fleeing New Jersey in droves.

TRENTON – If there is a groundbreaking for a school building, you can bet our “education” Governor will be there. Gov. Chris Christie hits his fourth school groundbreaking in the past couple of weeks, marking the construction of a $26.2 million nursing school at Thomas Edison State College in Trenton this morning. The school will be named after the late Attorney General Cary Edwards, who was Christie’s longtime mentor.

IN THE CITY – There is still plenty of great office space available in Newark and the Hudson waterfront, yet rents for “trophy” buildings are still rising. How could that be? The Record reports that even though there is more space available, as compared to last year, the vacancy rates are still much lower than the miles of office parks elsewhere in New Jersey. The state vacancy rate is now 25 percent; perhaps it’s cheaper to move the wife and kiddies into Suite 211 in Building J in Sector 4 of the local office park, right off the jughandle.

ROCHELLE PARK – Expect plenty of awkward silence on Durand Place, where the U.S. Postal Service has suspended a cluster of homes from mail delivery. That’s because a three-year-old Lab named Max decided to chomp on the mailman’s arm last month, the Record reports. Four local homes are now deemed too dangerous for in-person delivery, forcing the residents to retrieve their mail at the post office – all because of Max. In explaining all this, the USPS offered up a nifty stat: there were 5,500 mail carriers bitten by dogs last year; 63 occurred in North Jersey. Take that to the water cooler this morning.

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL – New Jersey’s most popular pothead – “NJ Weedman” – is seeing his candidacy for Congress go up in smoke, as his petition to run in the Third Congressional District has burned out. NJ Weedman is all fired up, filing a lawsuit against Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, the Democratic State Committee and a Democratic congressional candidate, saying the “Legalize Marijuna Party” should be on the November ballot. His petition was righty rejected; he didn’t have enough valid signatures and even registered last month to vote in California.


PALM BEACH, FL. – The porn star that brought us such great films as “Cable Sex Guy” and “Bikini Banger” is now a candidate for the local school board. David Mech, whose screen name is “Dave Pounder,” has a campaign platform including technology, innovation and, of course, sex ed. If you want to call grandma and urge her to pull the lever for Mr. Pounder, please consider this one tweet on his Twitter feed: “Remembering Pearl Harbor today by ambushing some Asian chicks with my kamikaze fighter. God bless America.”

AT WORK – The ultra-conservative Washington Examiner is always looking to expose the evil liberal leanings of the Obama Administration. They’ve found it, with a report of two federal rulings of the National Labor Relations Board. One says you can’t be fired for telling the boss to “go f— himself,” while the other says employees are free to curse out customers. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was aghast, saying such rulings “flat-out undermine” the ability of people to run a business.


It was this day in 1963 that the charter members of the Canadian Football League’s Hall of Fame were announced, celebrating the talents of players who were almost good enough to play in the NFL.

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