Jaffe Morning Briefing: July 28, 2014


HOBOKEN – Not too long ago, Hoboken was the perfect place for a beer and shot combo. Now, the package is a high-grade martini, shaken, not stirred, with disapproving glances. According to Movoto, a real estate company increasingly known more for its unscientific municipal rankings than its actual services, Hoboken’s soaring real estate, household incomes and brainpower, along with its hoity-toity access to arts and private schools, makes for high snobbery. Hoboken is considered one of the snobbiest places on Earth, the website reports. While Movoto’s “lists” are pure marketing (and the darlings of NJ.com click bait), it would all help explain the city’s public yoga phenomenon.

EAST ORANGE – A cop for the Department of Veterans Affairs is convinced the East Orange facility is haunted. In no surprise to many, the VA wants to exorcise this cop from the ranks, thinking he is too spooked to perform the job, the NY Post reports. The VA thinks he poses a safety risk, telling rookie cops to stay away from certain areas of the building and offering holy salts to ward off evil spirits. Perhaps this quote is the nail on the coffin: “Watch out for certain trees because they have faces and I just have a bad vibe with them.”

NOT NEW JERSEY – In many of the leafy suburbs of New Jersey, you can buy a three-bedroom fixer-upper for $1.5 million. In Wyoming, for that same amount, you can buy an entire town. The town of Alladin, Wyoming (Pop. 15) includes a bar, although you can drink anywhere in the 30-acre town, as well as a general store and an outhouse, Yahoo News reports. (Oh, forgot to mention, there is no indoor plumbing or sewage system.)

TRENTON – The winner of the “Jersey Seafood Cook-Off” will be under the glaring media spotlight at lunch today, as hungry reporters and photographers are urged to meet him and taste his award-winning “New Jersey Scallop BLT” at the New Jersey Restaurant Association. Then, with the proper PR in play, it is off to New Orleans for the winner, Jeffry Wierzbicki of Winberie’s in Summit, who will represent the Garden State in the national cook-off on Aug. 2.

TRENTON – So, here’s some rare good news about the state’s pension system: The returns have been marvelous. The Record reports the fund has swelled to $80 billion, double what the financial gurus originally expected. Such high returns, the labor unions claim, only highlight the money that could have been made if the state didn’t shortchange the fund over the years.

ELIZABETH – Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich – a local institution for 37 years as the longest-serving sheriff in New Jersey history – will be laid to rest after funeral services this morning at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish. The 83-year-old public servant leaves behind a lifetime of stories of quietly helping out people in need, while we remember him for his ongoing fight for tougher gun-control laws.


It was this day in 1988 that the last operating Playboy club in the U.S. – based in Lansing, Michigan – closed its doors, forcing men to order drinks from women not dressed in rabbit ears, bowties and tails.

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