Jaffe Morning Briefing: July 21, 2014


CLIFTON – Residents in the city’s Delawanna section tell the Record they have been dealing with fumes from a local printing plant for three years. They talk of running to their homes from their cars to avoid the odor. They tell of headaches. One talked of throwing up from the fumes; another said he wears a gas mask. The company’s owner says he is still in the process of fixing the machine that has plagued the neighborhood. Good to see this guy admit fault, which will play well with all lawyers that should be descending on this neighborhood.

SEASIDE HEIGHTS – If you have a spare area in your living room and don’t exactly know how to fill it, may we offer a suggestion: How about the 82-year-old carousel up for auction this morning on Casino Pier? And if by some chance you don’t have space to accommodate the entire ride, you may still be in luck: It is possible the 58 hand-carved figures and Wurlitzer organ will be sold piecemeal.

FORT LEE – Could it be another George Washington Bridge controversy? Well, no, but some residents are complaining to NJ.com that the bridge was not illuminated for Fourth of July, as has been the practice. The bridge is lit for every major holiday, as well as for the Super Bowl, so what gives? The Port Authority explains rain and lightening required some work to be done on the bridge lights, but not to worry: The lights will return on Labor Day, as well as the world’s largest free-flying American flag..

AT HOME – It was amusing to read a “letter to the editor” in the Suburban Trends that strongly advocates for technological obsolescence, highlighting all the many alleged benefits of quaint landlines over modern-day, high-speed cellular networks. The writer, with AARP, talks about how the “basic regulated and reliable” copper landline has always been there for you – just like your horse and buggy, your typewriter and polio.


ATLANTIC CITY – Don’t think for a second that Atlantic City doesn’t have a plan to fend off the onslaught of competition. In fact, it has a five-point plan – better self promotion, more tourist options, recruitment of more conventions and free events, internet gambling and the easing of some burdensome regulation. Now the key is to convince people that visiting Atlantic City is the best way to spend a precious vacation, as opposed to the onslaught of attractive alternatives.

CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs have quietly fumed, watching two brothers dress in bear costumes, lurk around Wrigley Field and act like they are somehow connected to the baseball team. The brothers, wearing Cubs caps and jerseys with their costumes, posed for photos with fans and wrangled tips – as opposed to the team’s official mascot, “Clark the Cub,” who performed for free. It all ended up in district court, after one of the brothers got in a bar fight in the costume. A video then went viral, with some media misreporting this guy was the official Cub mascot.


It was this day in 1945 in which the most boring baseball game in history was played, as the Philadelphia A’s and the Detroit Tigers played for 24 innings, before mercifully declaring a 1-1 tie.

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