Jaffe Morning Briefing: July 17, 2014


ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Of the many, many roles played by Gov. Chris Christie, today he will be portraying himself as the undeclared and coy Presidential hopeful, heading to Iowa to woo some conservatives in the early primary state. Christie’s aides tell the Record that the trip has nothing to do with gauging popularity and testing out some talking points, but does anybody, anywhere, really believe that? He’ll be making a stop at MJ’s Restaurant in Marion to meet with voters and then heading to a low-cost fundraiser tonight at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds for all Iowans interested in experiencing “Chris Christie.”

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL – As Gov. Chris Christie is ginning up excitement for his much-anticipated plans to solve the state’s financial woes – coming later this summer for those with baited breath – the Wall Street Journal is offering readers a reality check. The state’s bond rating is among the worst in the nation and more than 8 percent of the state’s home loans are in foreclosure. Job growth is also stilted, even with all the tax giveaways from the state, and, of course, there is the massive $2.4 billion in state pension payments the Governor has welched on. But, remember, our fearless leader says he has a solution. And it is almost here…

STATEWIDE – State officials are looking to embarrass the heck out of anyone who dares to file a bogus claim for Sandy relief funds. Photos and names of four people charged with “shamelessly falsified information” are displayed on Philly.com. One woman is believed to have received $137,400 for saying her Manahawkin home was her primary home, another received $22,172 in FEMA rental assistance even though she already gets other federal housing subsidies. The message here: lie to us, and see your face in the newspaper.

EDISON – The school janitor who accidentally burned down the building won’t be returning for the upcoming school year. In probably one of the easiest decisions in the history of the Edison Board of Education, it was decided Tuesday night to accept his resignation. The Home News Tribune reports the 25-year school janitor had been on paid administrative leave since the March fire at the James Monroe Elementary School; it was time to cut this cord.

POINT PLEASANT BEACH – Harbor seal fans are devastated to learn that “Coral the Harbor Seal” has passed on to the great aquarium in the sky. Coral, 23, who involuntarily entertained visitors for more than two decades at Jenkinson’s Aquarium, died after an uncontrolled nose bleed. She and her sister, Seaquin, arrived on the boardwalk in 1992.


NEW YORK – The Daily News has once again shifted from reporting the news to actually making it, encouraging a petition drive that generated 40,000 signatures and then “covering” a rally at City Hall yesterday, where five bags of the signed papers were dropped off. The issue? The newspaper wants Mayor de Blasio to keep carriage rides in the park, as part of a “Save Our Horses” campaign. It’s a great PR campaign – especially when a tabloid is fully behind it. Today’s screaming headline: “You’re An Ass, Mr. Mayor.” Read more here.


It was this day one year ago that the United Arab Emirates announced it would give citizens $42 in gold for every 2.2 pounds of weight they lose, in yet further proof that these modern-day oil barrens have money to burn.

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