Jaffe Morning Briefing: Aug. 15, 2014


The Morning Briefing is hittin’ the beach. See you Sept. 2!

ATLANTIC CITY – Yes, thousands of casino workers are about to lose their jobs. But is it really feasible to demand that Gov. Chris Christie find them new ones? Apparently, that answer is a firm “yes,” as the governor pledges he will try everything possible to keep them “safe, secure and employed.” Such a statement is a stretch; what is the current market in New Jersey for experienced card dealers, cocktail waitresses and pit bosses?

STATEWIDE – Perhaps that particular work is out there, as state officials announced that New Jersey welcomed 5,700 new jobs in July, bringing down the jobless rate to 6.5 percent. The state stat is still higher than the national record of 6.2 percent, The Record reports, but there has been a steady rebound since Gov. Chris Christie was getting slammed for the high unemployment rate during his march to a second term.

TRENTON – “As Seen on TV” has become “As Seen in the New Jersey Media,” as reporters are writing about the state complaint filed against the company hawking “As Seen on TV” products. The company is being accused of shady tactics, such as making it virtually impossible to return a product or marketing a “free second item” with just a simple “separate fee.” State investigators bought such crap as battery operated lights and collapsible fabric garden hoses, and then got the run-around. The suit follows some 300 complaints from customers who received products they never ordered or who suffered the brunt of greasy salesman obviously working on commission. Let’s assume their sport coats are plaid.

ROBBINSVILLE – The news articles started appearing a month ago: Robbinsville girls’ softball team host state tournament… Robbinsville girls win, head to eastern regionals… Robbinsville girls kick butt in regionals and move on… The team, which has become the Jersey girls of summer, ended up winning the Little League World Series, with lopsided victories over the best teams in the country this week. The domination culminated with six straight victories in a tournament in Portland, capping off a 22-0 record. Now that’s something these girls can note when they return to school next month.

GARWOOD – It all began with a tweet, showing a photo of a flag now associated with the militant ISIS group, waving proudly in front of a Garwood apartment. News 12 New Jersey reports it prompted plenty of concern among residents wondering if they had a terrorist in their midst. The resident, a Muslim, says he has been waving the flag for 10 years – long before ISIS adopted it as their own. Cops told the man he could fly his flag, being that America has the First Amendment and all. But he opted to take it down, replacing it with an American flag in the colors of the San Diego Chargers – which could insult a whole new crop of people.

ASBURY PARK – It seems the ideal day for a gubernatorial stroll down one of the most famous boardwalks around. You can see Gov. Chris Christie at 2:30 p.m. mixing it up with the sea of people expected today, as he does a casual walk with state Environmental Commissioner Bob Martin to talk about beach cleanliness and efforts to prevent water pollution. You can’t miss the pair; likely the only guys around in neckties.

FLORENCE, Ariz. – If you are a high school teacher who gets drunk before class, does it really make sense to stop drinking once the kids file in? Apparently not at Poston Butte High School, where a math teacher was hammered in the classroom on Wednesday, yelling and cursing at her students, CBS reports. Later that school day, a school officer found her back in the bottle, working through a 750 ml of vodka and a single-serve bottle of white wine. The teacher admitted she was drunk the night before, that morning and during lunch. How she made it through lunch without getting pulled is a mystery. The drunkard did note she was acting somewhat responsible, taking a taxi to school that morning. But then school officials learned her car had been impounded the night before during a DWI bust.

Statement from the school district: “Please remember, as troubling as this situation is, it was the act of an individual and does not reflect the standards of the Florence Unified School District or the amazing people who work tirelessly for the kids who attend our schools.” (Or the people who hired and supervised this drunk.)


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