Jaffe Morning Briefing: Aug. 12, 2014


The Morning Briefing will be on summer hiatus beginning Monday, Aug. 18, returning Sept. 2.

STATEWIDE – More number crunching this morning from banking websites that release “studies” to the media. This time, Bankrate.com has deemed New Jersey the fifth most expensive state to drive a car, with, on average, $2,421 spent on repairs, insurance and gas each year. Apparently, according to Bankrate.com, the most expensive state to drive a car is Wyoming – probably because it is 300 unpaved miles between gas stations, your primary commuting vehicle is a 1974 Ford pick-up and there is the constant threat of a stampede.

RED BANK – While we all sat in lawn chairs and enjoyed another drink, a Red Bank man has spent the summer walking and jogging across the United States to raise money for cancer research. It looks like Garth Watson is set to finish his coast-to-coast journey tomorrow when he crosses the George Washington Bridge. He has raised $14,000 for the trek since he left Oceanside, Calif., on May 11, the NY Post reports, although it seems such a Herculean effort is worth a major corporate contribution or two. Hey Nike: Imagine the PR.

ATLANTIC CITY – It’s been known that the bankrupt Revel casino is going to be sold for pennies on the dollar. But at this point, the new owner may just be thrown the keys from the car window, as the current owners speed out of town. No one can seem to make any money on this $2.4 billion monstrosity; NBC reports there are no qualified bids for the Revel with the postponed auction slated now for Thursday. The Revel board of directors was apparently meeting yesterday to discuss next steps, which, surprisingly, they have not shared with us.

SECAUCUS – It is Tuesday, again, folks. So, for Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno – and the small group following her travels – it must be “Tourism Tuesday.” Today, our intrepid first mate heads up to Secaucus to visit “Field Station: Dinosaurs,” an outdoor prehistoric theme park with the appropriate address of “1 Dinosaur Way.” Today’s special is “Stegosaurus.”

NOT IN SECAUCUS – As our lieutenant governor goes back 90 million years to celebrate “Tourism Tuesday,” she will also be in charge of nine million people. That’s because Gov. Chris Christie returns to Maine today, stumping for Gov. Paul LePage. Christie will be touring C&L Aviation Group in Bangor today, which, we believe, does not have any dinosaurs. Then, the Governor hits a pair of fundraisers to rake in cash for the Republican faithful. Perhaps, upon his return to Trenton, there will be a dinosaur snowglobe sitting on his desk.

TRENTON – A new Rutgers Eagleton poll says New Jersey voters are split on Gov. Chris Christie, with an approval rating around 50 percent. Or, perhaps, voters are tired of polls and politicians and this could just be a huge “whatever.” Of the 750 people polled, Rutgers Eagleton reports that 57 percent think he is going to run for President. If these people knew about the Governor’s hectic travel schedule to other states and Mexico this summer, one would think the percentage points would be considerably higher.

ON THE RAILS – One could argue we are entitled to know that up to 30 trains of highly explosive crude oil are traveling through North Jersey suburbs in aging tanker cars, as the Record reports. On the other hand, rail companies and government officials have rightfully attempted to keep the information hush-hush, as terrorists and other nutjobs would find the details fascinating and immensely relevant. Let’s debate this all we want; but the public should demand that every reasonable security and safety measure be implemented.


The Twitter feed for Yahoo News was hacked over the weekend, sending out a tweet about an Ebola outbreak in Atlanta infecting 145 people. While Yahoo News and Twitter try to figure out what happened, all the old crusty guys are grousing: “You never see a newspaper getting hacked. And you don’t need to remember all those damn passwords. Pass the Mylanta.”


It was this day in 1969 that the Boston Celtics were sold for a record $6 million – the same price it now costs to keep a ho-hum player riding the pine all season.

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