Fans Celebrate Giants Super Bowl Victory

By David Cruz

Giants fans celebrate the team's Super Bowl victory in Hoboken.

Giants fans are still celebrating their team’s victory over the Patriots in last night’s Super Bowl and preparing for two official victory celebrations tomorrow. In MVP Eli Manning’s hometown of Hoboken, Giants fans spilled out from the bars and into the streets after the big victory.

In contrast with some other cities that see riots after their teams win the big game –- and unlike in Amherst, where university students clashed with police after the Patriots loss — fans in the New York/New Jersey Metro area were loud and rowdy, but generally peaceful with police officials reporting not much out of the ordinary for a Sunday night in Hoboken.

“Down in Philadelphia or something where they don’t win, I understand because that only happens once a century for them,” said Alberto Fernandez, of Hoboken. “We’re used to it. We’re champions. We know how to do it.”

At Texas/Arizona sports bar, bartender Rafael Sedano dyed his hair to resemble a Giants helmet. It’s a look that he says he’ll keep for a while.

“I have a Yankees logo tattooed on the back of my head, so this will stay there until baseball season,” he said, adding that patrons loved the look. “They know that I’m a diehard Giants fan, so they expect this kind of thing from me.”

Hoboken is home to MVP Eli Manning and some Hobokenites say the city should be the site for New Jersey’s Super Bowl celebration.

“Right down Washington Street,” says Jaclyn Albanese of Hoboken. “All the bars are down there, so everyone can line up; they can close off the street. That’d be a great idea. I’d go.”

But some fans liked the idea of returning to the Meadowlands, as the team did after their Super Bowl victory four years ago.

“I think having something at the stadium, you know, just having the stadium open up and the players come out, something like that where we can really show our love for the team,” said Sedano. “I think that would a great thing.”

City officials say they’re working on a celebration for the team and for their new hometown hero, and Gov. Chris Christie announced that there will be a New Jersey celebration for the team at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, tomorrow at 3 pm.

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