Edison students present ideas to NASA experts in Florida

BY NJTV News Staff |

Courtesy: Lockheed Martin Corporation


A team of Edison students from John Adams and Woodrow Wilson middle schools, known as Team EON, won $10,000 from Lockheed Martin in the national Video Challenge Contest.

Students were challenged to design the living quarters of the spacecraft transporting astronauts to Mars. The challenge is part of the Lockheed Martin’s Generation Beyond K-12 STEM education initiative designed to prepare students for space-related careers.

Courtesy: Lockheed Martin Corporation

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex hosted Team EON, which presented its design concept for the living quarters to astronaut Sam Durrance and other space experts.

“I researched how astronauts communicate, and at first all I saw was radio communication. I searched for better ways and found this idea for laser communication, and it wasn’t fully developed yet, but the Orion will come out later so I thought if they could continue to develop it, it could be ready during that time,” said Siddhant Vashisht, team EON member.

“Orion is actually going to have an optical communications system on it, so it is absolutely going to be used when we send it off to Mars. So great job on that,” said Gary Napier, communications manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.

“One of the things that stood out the most was your use of 3-D printers. I also liked the idea of the retractable arm using centrifugal force. …In the vacuum of space, it would be difficult to maintain that capability with the telescopic arms, did you look into that at all?” asked astronaut Nicholas Day.

Check out Team EON’s winning video entry below.