Deal on congestion pricing? It’s still complicated.

Gov. Phil Murphy announced last week that he and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had come to a “conceptual understanding” about “double tolling” New Jersey drivers. The “understanding”  was that the toll New Jersey drivers pay to get into Manhattan would be credited towards any fees they would be charged under the new congestion pricing plan.

When asked about this “conceptual” deal, Cuomo didn’t directly contradict Murphy, but he said there “will be some double tolling.”

“Otherwise you don’t accomplish anything,” he added.

Murphy doubled down on his initial statement on Wednesday night on the call-in show, “Ask the Governor,” hosted by WNYC, WHYY and WBGO.

“We were crystal clear with each other. We can’t have double taxation from the folks coming in from Jersey, and secondly, Jersey is going to get a seat, or has a seat, at the table,” Murphy said. “I know the MTA had said it was news to him, and all I can say is he doesn’t work for me. By the way, I don’t work for him either. I work for the 9 million folks who call this state their home, and that’s whose back I’ve got and that’s the deal that we’ll get.”

“The MTA will determine congestion pricing and will be doing a traffic study over the next two years‎. They will consider all crossings as well as New Jersey crossings. No conclusions will be reached by the MTA until all studies are completed,” said Patrick Muncie, a spokesperson for Cuomo in a statement to NJTV News.

Murphy’s office said they had nothing further to add when asked for clarification on Thursday.