$2.7M solar panel system added to Carteret facility

Berjé Inc., a distributor of essential oils and aromatic chemicals unveiled a 200,000-sqaure-foot solar panel project at its headquarters facility in Carteret Thursday.

4,092 solar panels now cover 200,000 square feet of Berjé’s 235,000-square-foot flagship facility which houses its raw materials repository and manufacturing operations.  The system will produce an estimated 1,626,000kWh annually. In just one year, the renewable energy source will equate to planting 24,000 trees, taking 170 passenger cars off the road, or reducing the consumption of 106,000 gallons of gasoline. The impact over 25 years increases to planting 680,000 trees, taking 4,860 passenger vehicles off the road, or reducing the consumption of over 3 million gallons of gasoline.

(L to R): Zach McCue, Projects Director for Senator Cory Booker, Carteret Mayor Daniel J. Reiman, Congressman Frank Pallone, Kim Bleimann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Berjé, and Gillian Bleimann, Executive Vice President of Berjé

Congressman Frank Pallone, Carteret Mayor Daniel J. Reiman, Zach McCue, Projects Director for Senator Cory Booker; and Courtney McCormick, Vice-President, Renewables and Energy Solutions for PSE&G, were present for the milestone event.

“I am happy that Berjé is a part and has been a part of the clean energy revolution. I call it a revolution because that’s what it is. We cannot continue to depend on fossil fuels – oil and natural gas – because it obviously runs out and it also causes problems in terms of climate change because of the impact of greenhouse gases,” said Pallone.

“Five years ago, we welcomed Berjé into the West Carteret Industrial Market and the Carteret Business community. Berjé growth as a company is a testament to their organizational leadership and corporate family philosophy. We are thrilled with this new investment in clean renewable energy technology, which shows their long term investment and commitment to staying and growing in Carteret,” said Reiman.

“The benefits of switching to solar energy are not only substantial for our business but also for our environment,” said Berjé Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gillian Bleimann.

The estimated cost for the solar panel system was $2.7 million.