Kyrillos Kicks Off U.S. Senate Campaign

By Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron

A packed room at the Lincroft Inn in Monmouth County listened as Joe Kyrillos kicked off his U.S. Senate campaign this morning.

Kyrillos’ message: the country has more debt and more joblessness than when Bob Menendez took the Senate seat in 2006, and it’s time to give new leaders a chance.

He presented himself in the mold of a Chris Christie Republican, in a speech full of Republican boilerplate language — lower taxes, reduced spending, less regulation.

Campaign advisors predict Kyrillos will have little problem raising the 6 or 7 million dollars they estimate is needed to mount a credible challenge against a well-funded incumbent.

Kyrillos is taking the message to Burlington County this afternoon to reach the South Jersey media market.