Environmental Groups Take Legal Action to Reduce Fish Kills, Pollution

Environmental activists from New Jersey and Delaware announce at the Statehouse that they're taking legal action to reduce fish kills and pollution. Photo by Dari Kotzker.

By Dari Kotzker
NJ Today

New Jersey and Delaware environmental groups are taking legal action in both states to require three industrial facilities on the Delaware estuary to reduce fish kills and limit pollution discharge.

In their filing, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and New Jersey Sierra Club are demanding the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection take action on PSE&G’s permit renewal application for the Salem Nuclear Generations Station. The environmentalists say PSE&G submitted its renewal application for a New Jersey Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit in 2006, but the NJDEP hasn’t made a determination on the application by issuing a draft permit for public notice and comment, or by denying the permit.

Delaware groups are taking action about a renewal application for the Delaware City Refinery. The groups say the Salem facility kills more than 3 billion Delaware River fish and organisms every year and the Delaware facility kills more than 45 million.

The environmentalists are also keeping their eye on PSE&G’s Mercer Generating Station for possible legal action.