Christie Says ‘We’re Ready’ for Hurricane Sandy

On Sunday, Gov. Christie met with local, regional and state officials for a briefing and then came out and briefed the media.

“It’s a serious storm that’s going to affect most of the east coast from North Carolina up to New England,” said the governor. “But it’s going to make landfall in New Jersey … We appear at the moment to be taking the brunt of it. So we have to take this seriously.”

He warned against complacency, saying people need to prepare for the worst. “If it turns out that it’s not as bad, that’ll be a happy event for all of us but I don’t want to see lives lost unnecessarily,” he said.


State Police Superintendant Rick Fuentes said at the time that the Raritan River basin was a bigger worry than the Passaic River basin.

DEP Comissioner Bob Martin said the state lowered seven reservoirs in one lake.

Gov. Christie spoke of his administration’s experience in dealing with natural disasters. “For better or for worse now after three years as governor, I’ve dealt with a lot of these; so we’re ready. We’re ready to be as much of a help to all of you as we can be. And if we all work together on this, we’ll be able to get through all of this just fine.”

He also cautioned against paralysis by fear, reminding residents that they have been through similar situations.

“We’re ready to go. We’ll deal with it when it comes on and if you got any spare time, just pray that it moves east so it doesn’t hit us as hard.”

Reporting from Pompton Lakes, Chief Political Michael Aron files this report.