Newark’s Lead Crisis

Newark and other cities around New Jersey are struggling to deal with lead in water. What's being done to fix the issue?

Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays is a new digital series from NJTV that aims to inspire through the stories of successful Jersey entrepreneurs.

Booker Beat

Coverage of Sen. Cory Booker’s coast to coast quest to become the next POTUS.

Local Level

Know Jersey at the Local Level is an ongoing project from NJTV News that takes a look at New Jersey governance from your mayor to the governor and all the positions in between.

Trauma’s Tragedy and Treatment

Trauma's Tragedy and Treatment is a five-part series that explores how trauma experienced during childhood can impact someone for years to come. The series delves into how Newark is trying to become a ...

NJ Decides 2018

Coverage of United States House and Senate elections in the Garden State.