Lauren Wanko
Lauren Wanko

Emmy nominated correspondent Lauren Wanko concentrates on news in South Jersey for NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams. A native of New Jersey, viewers may remember Wanko as a reporter at NJN’s weekly news magazine, NJ Works. Most recently, she anchored the CBS Saturday Early Show’s live webcast, Backstage Live, and produced features for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and with Scott Pelley. She also served as producer for Steve Hartman’s Emmy Award-winning series, Assignment America, and has appeared in various reporting capacities for CareerTV.

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Enamored by the dark side? Find out why

Lauren Wanko | Oct 31, 2017

Why do people enjoy being scared, or partaking in activities like skydiving or roller coasters? Temple professor Frank Farley says they may have a Type T personality.