Curious George

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Curious George, The Monkey We Know and Love

Curious George was introduced to the world in 1941 and since then, this mischievous, sensitive and fun-loving monkey and stories of his (mis)adventures have appeared in children’s books, on toys and most recently in theatres nationwide with the release of “Curious George,” the movie. Residents and visitors to countless cities nationwide surely saw the out-of-home ads that read “Show me the Monkey” and George’s popularity surged as a result. On March 9, 2006, a few weeks after the movie premiere, an eBay search on “Curious George” yielded 5903 results. This cute little fellow remains one of the best-selling in children’s literature and most beloved characters across generations. And now he’s the star of a TV series bearing his name, Curious George.

The series, based on the books, will not only be fun, but will leave kids who watch with some knowledge they may not have had before or a deeper knowledge of something familiar. The learning falls into the categories of science, math and engineering principles.

In each episode, George’s insatiable kid-like curiosity leads him into adventures that lead to unexpected problems and conflicts; trying to solve one problem leads George to more problems and new conflicts. The complications pile up because George has a lot to learn about the consequences of his actions. But that doesn’t stop him from investigating all the things that make him — just like the kids who watch — curious about the world around him. It’s this curiosity that leads to the mischief, the unintended consequences and the barrel of laughs that make George and his stories fun, memorable and heartwarming.