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Stephen Kavalkovich



I am a lifelong NJ resident and former paramedic for 15 years. I also was a 9/11 rescue worker who lost everything - my career, wife, kids, and reputation to substance abuse. After saving hundreds from overdose in my career. I wound up being revived on my parents living room floor by former colleagues during a heroin overdose. I now am a very active speaker and recovery advocate. I also have created the only podcast anywhere for first responders who battle Mental Health issues called Rescue the Rescuer. It’s a part of the Mental Health News Radio Network where I am also the Director Of Network Compliance. I also work for Oaks Integrates Care in the state funded OORP program and Evehaam Police Depts Straight to Treatment.

I am proof that there is no such thing as “knowing better,” and as long as your alive, anything is possible.!