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Dimitri Reyes

Newark, NJ, United States


I Need My Pills
by Dimitri Reyes

the tears/ don’t fall out of these/ eyes/
because I have a problem/ it’s coming from the heat/ in my skull/
from blood rushing to my brain/ on fire/ the abscesses
of lava toil through my veins/
steam through my skin/ like tiny volcanoed vents/ reacting/
and evolving/ from the magma chamber of my mind/
that cool only when the/ pill/ slips down my crater/
I need the medicine that made me so dependent/
I can’t focus/ even if I tried/ I know it/ They know it/
They in the antiseptic smelling uniforms/ They with their friends/
They in white/ They/ They with the knit sweaters collared shirts and clipboards/

the real me is currently hostage/
I once held the pencil/ in my hand and wrote freely/
as my mind did/ but it wasn’t enough/ to be gifted/
I needed conformity/ structure/ to be tamed/
I need my pills/ and now I have them/ and the tears fall/
out of my eye from the heat/ in my skull/ because the need for/ pills/
are the problem/

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