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Crystal Hampton

Boca Raton, FL, USA


I Don’t Love You Anymore
by Crystal Hampton

Through my sick and twisted love affair with alcohol I was finally able to break free and live the life I always deserved, and so can you!

I never thought I would fall in love with you,
I had so much going for me and my future was so bright.
You had other plans for me the night we met,
You knew that I was yours and were determined to make you mine.

What started as a innocent NYE of my junior year,
you fell down my throat for the first time,
From that moment on you had me in your grip,
And I was your prisoner.
Through High School, College, and into my adult life you were my one true love,
I didn’t know how to live without you.

But you were slowly killing me and breaking me down,
You were abusive and made sure I came before anything else in my life.
My friends and family did not understand why I could not just let you go,
I thought you were my forever but now it is time for me to go.

I bet you never thought I would ever have the strength to let you go,
But everyday without you I become the woman I have always wanted to be.
I do not love you or need you in my life anymore,
Because today I love myself more than I ever loved you.

I know you want me back,
But this beautiful life I have built for myself has no place for you in it.
I now see the damage our love did to me,
And I am here to say goodbye to you forever.

I have found friends like me who were in a sick and twisted relationships with you too,
But together we have found another way of life.
Your sworn enemy AA and the 12 steps saved me from you,
Everyday from here till my last day I will fight for the life I deserve.

You are not wanted here anymore,
Goodbye forever you will never see or hear from me again.


Crystal Hampton is a 37 year old avid writer from South Florida. She works for a digital marketing company that advocates spreading awareness on the disease of addiction. Her passion in life is to help others by sharing her experience, strength, and hope.

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