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“We are in this together to start something new”

Introduce: Once upon a time there was a kid that was a schizophrenic as well addict. Struggling with his behaviors and challenges. With the help of his day program he did what he always wanted to do something great with his life.

“POCT on Stage”
Poet: Thank you very much. Such a blessing, that I am hear finally on stage. Today, we all win. Begging to give a shout out to my day program especially when they dealt with my it was a mess. It’s been a long time coming here we go.

Scene 1
Act 1

Introduce: The poet named Tim brought his current girlfriend on stage, her name was Scarlet.

Tim: Life is an interesting destiny. I lost a lot in my addictions including family. But that didn’t stop me. But baby tell me, do you love me?
Scarlet: What boy? I got to know right now, will you love me forever? Today will you engage and make me your wife. Someone to spend the rest of you life with. I got to know right now.
Tim: Let me think on it? I will give you the answer tonight.
Scarlet: So what is your answer to be?
Tim: You opened up my heart. It was the start of my love for you. You already knew the answer to the question I will marry you.
Tim & Scarlet: I will pray to love you till the end of time.
Tim: Thank you all I just got married. Thank you PAC Team.
Crowd cheers.


(PACT: Program of Assertive Community Treatment)