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William Malloy

Philadelphia, PA, USA


By: Billy Malloy

Addiction how can you sentence me ? Who are you my judge ?..
i got Habits not leaving , nope wont even budge...
William Malloy, that's my god giving name, playing with drugs soon became my game, But the real story, is inside ,"Depression" , sad but yet all the same , You lose trust in everyone "Lying Shame" , Stay true, dunno why I'm Lost "Crying Lame" Yelling leave me alone"I'm Fine" when inside I’m dying , With a laugh as fake as tears, "I Weep", I'm Done, Kensington's now yours "You Keep, Trust my words tho, Inability to move, is not from lack of trying...
Wanting my mothers love "Her Words Denying", Happiness wasn't always a choice, "Crying", “You’re not trying hard enough” ,whats that all about ,"She Shouts" “You have nothing to be depressed about​,"Na Mom", just the landlord putting us out, No one would choose this drug sh*t, "Ever", I’ve been fighting for years , this addiction "Had Several"

I wish it were that easy , cause everyone would win,..
All I know , Is when i wanted something​" I Fished Out"..
"Sinned".. That’s my problem family , you can't help me with , now I see , Demons in my head , never sleep, "Leave Me Be" , it don't ever stop , I can hear all its lies , everyone i ever loved "Now Died" , we all see our weight slipping away ,That crushing hurt inside "Sh*ts Not Ok" , We all know, drugs suck , "yet we still pay" , But only to keep the demon at bay.... And now Families are starting to pay addiction attention , but never said anything to us, "so why the"F**k Mention", ... And rehab homie has nothing good to report , it's not about your clothes, your money or pack Newport... see me ,I want out , im done , what the f**k , help me! ..... But it's cool you decided to do nothing"But Ignore" ...Now This disease got me running around like im its "Crack Whore"...... When did we lose our morals ....fkn drugs got me seeing double"Plurer"....

Living in Kensington, makes us believe this life is Fine , But all you see is too many lost souls walking around "Blind".... Some people live secret lives , some inject kids!! some sell their wives!!..hearts now broken "No Cast"..we needa put this addiction in the rearview "The Past" Drugs change you "How to Look"Who to Love"When to Laugh"..Once a well dressed human being "Now Smells"No Bath" ..maybe Just maybe , we should stop saying ,yo “I’m fine.” and try showing the message differently then a man begging "With A Sign" ..


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