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NJTV challenges members of the public to write an original poem, write a testimonial or send a video about how addiction has affected themselves or their family.  The poem could be about a person’s own experiences with addiction and recovery, how drug abuse has affected his or her family, a memorial to someone lost to an overdose or other related experience. The poetry initiative is part of the network’s year-long community engagement project addressing the Garden State’s opioid and heroin overdose epidemic, entitled Healthy NJ: New Jersey’s Drug Addiction Crisis.

In addition to submissions from the general public, two local professional poets, Grisel Acosta and Marjorie Barnes, were involved with NJTV’s Addiction Crisis initiative, attending the network’s community forum at the Boys & Girls Club of Newark in October 5, 2016. From their observations at the forum, they were challenged to write creative pieces that were read as in-progress works during the 2016 Dodge Poetry Festival at a session coordinated by The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR). The call for poems portion of NJTV’s Addiction Crisis initiative is made possible by a grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

Each poetry submission in this site, and any statement or opinion expressed therein, is the work of its author, and does not reflect the views or opinions of NJTV.  Some material may contain graphic content.

Share your story of a struggle with addiction — be it your own story, or the struggle of a friend or family member.
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Mikey Kania

New York

During a Walk Through the Woods final option: exit in sight shall i walk this way? beza, eden and nicholas being in the room my rootwords for what i consider family final option: exit in ...

Evelyn Rodriguez

Puerto Rico

I abused drugs for 11 years of my life, hard core drugs. Due to a tragic event in my life I couldn’t handle as a teenager. I recovered in my ...

Daniel Wittler

Verona, NJ, USA

I grew up in Essex County in the beautiful suburbs of a 2 square mile town. I grew up with two great parents who made it possible for me to ...

Jessica Hegle

Leander, TX, USA

I OWE IT ALL TO YOU: by Jessica Hegle I never imagined loving an addict is where it all would begin.... Desperate & lonely, I just needed a friend. I was so tired of ...

William Malloy

Philadelphia, PA, USA

"Addiction" By: Billy Malloy Addiction how can you sentence me ? Who are you my judge ?.. i got Habits not leaving , nope wont even budge... William Malloy, that's my god giving name, ...

Cassidy Webb

Boca Raton, FL, USA

Things I Never Knew With my needle full My anxious heart racing I had no idea of the consequences and Ultimate destruction I was facing. When I was a young girl My dreams at large I had ...

Colby Maynard

Memphis, TN, USA

Come Alive You whisper lies disguised like sweet nothings in my ear, filling my head with a list of inadequacies all the while, charismatically drawing me near. Reminding me the most recent years ...

Crystal Hampton

Pompano Beach, FL, USA

Dear Addiction, This is my final goodbye to my addiction to drugs, alcohol, eating disorder, codependency, negative self talk, self hatred, and need to be accepted by others. You started taking over ...

Cassidy Webb

Boca Raton, FL, USA

From a young age, I never felt as though I fit in with the people around me. I recall feelings of doubt, shame, and simply feeling awkward and out of ...

Crystal Hampton

Boca Raton, FL, USA

I Don’t Love You Anymore by Crystal Hampton Through my sick and twisted love affair with alcohol I was finally able to break free and live the life I always deserved, and so ...

Patricia Moceo

Boca Raton, FL, USA

McDonough, Georgia one of those easy to forget and hard to spot on the map rural towns... Also, the place I called home. I was your stereotypical “Georgia peach”. Sheltered ...

Patricia Moceo

Boca Raton, FL, USA

Patricia's Story - McDonough, Georgia one of those easy to forget and hard to spot on the map rural towns... Also, the place I called home. I was your stereotypical “Georgia ...

Jan Hiner

boca raton

From Motherless to Motherhood - Every little girl dreams of getting older and relishing in spa days and shopping sprees with their mom. I was no exception, but my story-line played ...


PAC TEAM “We are in this together to start something new” PAST/FUTURE Introduce: Once upon a time there was a kid that was a schizophrenic as well addict. Struggling with his behaviors and ...

Stephen Kavalkovich


I am a lifelong NJ resident and former paramedic for 15 years. I also was a 9/11 rescue worker who lost everything - my career, wife, kids, and reputation to ...