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January 19 & 22, 2015

Rahway, New Jersey has a new theater, a beautifully restored old cinema turned performing arts center, and galleries galore. State of the Arts NJ takes a look at how the arts are driving economic development in a town that was on the decline. Plus, a visit to two big exhibitions: "The New Spirit," about the 1914 Armory Show, and "African Cosmos: Stellar Arts," the first major exhibition exploring the intersection of African cultural astronomy with traditional and contemporary African arts. The venue this week is the University Club at Rutgers-Newark, where Stanley Cowell Trio performs. Cowell, a classically trained pianist and composer, has been a central figure on the jazz scene since the late 1960s.

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  • NJTV Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei, Life of Pi Editor Tim Squyres, Photographer John Naar, Talking Band Thursday, Jan. 29 11:30pm
  • WLIW21
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