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Miniseries such as "Roots," "Rich Man, Poor Man" and "The Thorn Birds" mastered the art of storytelling. With their epic sagas, these television events kept America riveted night after night. Revisit famous scenes and hear actors talk about the impact of their miniseries on their own lives and on the world.
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  • Thursday, May. 8 8:00pm

    Standup to Sitcom

  • Monday, Apr. 28 4:30am

    Doctors and Nurses

  • Sunday, Apr. 27 9:00pm

    Standup to Sitcom

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  • Waldo

    Where was Imogene Coca in Funny Ladies? What an ommission!

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About Pioneers of Television

PIONEERS OF TELEVISION returns to PBS in January 2011 for a second season featuring all new stories of the visionaries who shaped a fledgling medium with their creativity, foresight and wisdom. Narrated by Kelsey Grammer, this four-part series transports viewers behind the scenes for a revealing look at four of the most popular genres in television: science fiction, westerns, crime dramas and local kids TV.

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