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What's Inside the Termite Nest

You might think that’s just a pile of dirt sticking up on the Serengeti plain in Africa. It is dirt. Dirt and termite fecal matter. Delve inside the scene of a termite mound with DIORAMA at The American Museum of Natural History. It’s a universe all its own, made up of millions of living, breathing, eating, reproducing, building, defending termites. See the world’s largest termite queen (over 10 cm!), the winged kings, the mandibled soldiers and the blue collar workers.

Features interviews with AMNH scientist and curator David Grimaldi and AMNH research scientist Kumar Krishna.

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About Diorama

DIORAMA is for science nerds, backyard explorers, animal enthusiasts and urban naturalists. It’s a series of digital shorts from the wondrous halls of The American Museum of Natural History, taking inspiration from the Museum’s classic dioramas and behind-the-scenes archive.

DIORAMA is an exploration of curiosity — where science, art and history all meet.

Produced by WNET’s Interactive Engagement Group in collaboration with The American Museum of Natural History and PBS Digital Studios.

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