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NJTV Election Day Broadcast Schedule

On Tuesday, November 6th, NJTV will air and stream the following live election day news programs and updates

-Live 6:00pm – 6:26:46 NJ Today Election Coverage (NJTV only)

-Encore 7:30pm – NJ Today Election Coverage (NJTV only- repeat of 6pm broadcast)

-Live 7:56:46 – 8:00:00 Tri-state election update (NJTV/WLIW/Thirteen)

-Live 8:52:00 – 8:56:46 NJ election update (NJTV only)

-Live 8:56:46 – 9:00:00 Tri-state election update (NJTV/WLIW/Thirteen)

-Live 9:52:00 – 9:56:46 NJ election update (NJTV only)

-Live 9:56:46 – 10:00:00 Tri-state election update (NJTV/WLIW/Thirteen)

-Live 10:00pm-10:56:46 NJ Today (Election Coverage) (NJTV only)

-Live 10:56:46 – 11:00:00 Tri-state election Update (NJTV/WLIW/Thirteen)

-Live 11:00pm – 11:26:46  NJ Today (Election Coverage) (NJTV only)