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About NJToday Summer Edition

About the show:

NJToday is NJTV ’s nightly news program, broadcasting Monday through Friday, including holidays. Premiering as NJToday Summer Edition, it will air each weeknight at 6, 7:30, 11 p.m. and at 6:30 a.m. In the fall, an expanded program, NJToday, will premiere. The program will cover news across the state with a concentration on government and public policy.

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  • melissa

    did you know that njn has a channel called njn2 that now off the air what you are going to do about it?

  • Tony Mondaro

    NJTV It would be nice to develop a nightly newscast like NJN had, There are reporters from NJN that need a job today so reaching out to them first would be great. Bringing back Jim Hooker and Michael Aron would be a good start and please bring back programs like Reporters Round Table and On the Record both outstanding programs like due process which already appears on your schedule.

  • InMyView

    Yes, get Jim Hooker and Michael Aron on the air with NJTV and, if you really want to convince us that you are serious about NJ news coverage, expand into the weekend. News happens 7 days a week and my one frustration with NJN was that they failed to provide news coverage on weekends and holidays.

  • BringItALLBack

    Ooops! I guess Governor Christie forgot to include management of the digital subchannels that NJN programmed, or maybe he did not even know about them. As Melissa says, they are gone! Please do hire all the excellent former staff of NJN TV and radio as a sign of a real commitment to the people of the Garden State (not Empire State) and bring back all of their excellent programs. I am a supporter of Thirteen BTW, so if you do to NJN what you did to WLIW, I will no longer be supporting you. Get those political boss relatives off the air too, thanks!

  • Norm

    I hope to see a significant focus on NJ business. Examining the impact of factors like investment in higher education, cost of living and quality of life on our commercial environment would be of interest. I also hope we don’t lose coverage of the many cultures coexisting in our diverse state. The range of peoples from H1B technologists from across the world to farmers and fishermen with roots stretching back generations is fascinating and touches all our lives. Transportation is also of critical importance to residents of our crowded state.

    Please do not bring back the NJN old guard. While I don’t doubt their hearts were in the right place accepting compensation from the people they should have been mercilessly grilling leaves this crowd tainted in the minds of many.

    One final note; I found the lack of coverage on weekends and state holidays sad and revealing. Let’s get 365 days of coverage and leave the civil service nature of NJN behind.

  • ChrisHammer1971

    You need a PERMANENT TRENTON BUREAU – NOT A TRAIN-IN, TRAIN-OUT CROWD.. NEWARK IS NOT ENOUGH! Since News 12 does not cover southern NJ you also need a Southern NJ branch office.

    In order of need to hire from NJN and keep on NJTV – Michael Aron, Jim Hooker, Ed Rodgers, Sara Lee Kessler, Jerry Henry, Desiree Taylor.

  • LeRoi C.

    I find it sad that Governor Christie could not find a way to keep jobs and Public Broadcasting alive in New Jersey. By my calculations, NJN’s operating expense of about $11 million represents .03% of the approx $30 BILLION budget proposed by Governor C. Approximately $1.35 per person annually in New Jersey. Seems a small price to pay for news without commercial influence.

  • Robert Pantazes

    I feel that the Governor was out to shut down NJN from before the election. Because NJN news broke the story of Mr. Christie loaning money to a co-worker and forgetting to pay his taxes on the interest that he collected . That is his pay back for honest news coverage, now he can do all the back room deals with out the public or IRS knowledge.
    NJN should have gone to a State Collage, but they were not aware of the $2million site rentals form the tower sites, this may have caused an unfair bidding process.Sound like Mr. Christie want this way.
    I will miss the Nightly News Team and wish them all the best for the future. Hope that the people who could retire will enjoy it as much as I am.
    Sincerely a past member of NJN,
    Robert Pantazes

  • Nicholas

    i agree with chris hammer 1971, Tony Mondaro and in my view when they that Jim Hooker and Michael Aron and the rest of the NJN News crew. i also agree that NJN’s other programming should be there as well. also telivise the lotttery drawings as well please don’t send me any e mails. please bring back all the NJN News team on NJ Today this fall.

  • Nicholas

    I like the way Jim Hooker tells the news because, the way he asks the question makes sense and i like his method of asking the tough questions. I would rather see the old NJN News crew tell the news. News 12 or any other station tells the News like NJN News. Forget about Rafael Pi Roman I respect him But Please Hire the Old NJN News crew and telivise the New Jersey Lottery Drawings as well. i damn sure don’t trust the New York and Philadelphia media markets. I trust Jim Hooker in the way he delivers the news. Also better yet have Two anchors Rafael Pi Roman And Jim Hooker anchor NJ Today this fall.

  • Nicholas

    we want jim! we want jim!

  • Nicholas

    forget about charlie rose! please put Cyberchase on and bring back dragon tales my six year old nephew says.

  • Jacob Freedman

    When, will the online version of NJToday Summer Edition, be avaible; for download and/or online viewing?

  • un bossed NJ

    I hope to have a day without political bosses. Don’t allow steve audabaudo on the air

  • Gerald

    Who is the host? Who is doing the reporting?

  • Lauren

    I hope for the best for NJTV. My concern is with the sub-channel, NJN2. Currently, it is offline. would NJTV be willing to use that channel as well when the Fall comes? Also, many of the NJN news team is out of work. I, personally, would relish the return of Jim Hooker and Michael Aron, as well as other members of NJN.

    Would it be possible to have programs based around some of the more… niche aspects of New Jersey? (Something about major high school events, fundraising activities in the State, etc.) Perhaps there can be programming about some of New Jersey’s finer tourist locations? Something that the locals could be informed about that they may not necessarily know about.

    More importantly, gather the opinions of the people! Nothing is more important than interacting with the great people of this State and gathering the opinions and concerns about what is going on.

    I’m hoping the best for this network, and the staff. Strive to be the best news channel for New Jersey.

  • Jeff

    NJN had so many different radio stations broadcasting their signal throughout the state that a drive 20 minutes in any direction could leave all but the well informed struggling to figure out where to find their NJ based NPR affiliate. In a perfect world, NJTV would offer their local programming on one of the former NJN radio stations and ensure that the signal would be clearly available throughout NJ (if 101.5 can do it, so can NJTV). It honestly was a big mess before, for example, in the Cherry Hill area the signal for WHYY from Philadelphia was/is crystal clear while NJN affiliate stations could barely be heard. If this problem is addressed, it will be a win for all in NJ!

  • Norm

    Based on many of the comments here priority 1 is to attract a much broader audience. A continuation of the musty coverage of the past is a waste of airwaves.

  • Dave

    The anchor seemed to be faking his way through it, and the interview with Christie basically consisted of Steve tossing him a softball and Christie nailing it out of the park in a condescneding manner. He can do this because he seems to have made a back-door deal with Steve Sr.; why else would he go to his charter school and be welcomed with open arms the day after the election? What suggestion? Lose the Adubatos (both of them), bring back Aron and Hooker and Rodgers, and allow them to continue to report on the statehouse and NJ ISSUES instead of allowing the platform tonight was.

  • James Kerigan

    Please bring back Jim Hooker and Michael Aron to the newscast, NJ Today.

  • Jim

    One of the draw backs of NJN, was its lack of diversity. For that matter Mr. Adubato on his numerous shows over the years. If you are about change, keep in mind New Jersey has a very diverse population. For years, I have been disappointed at the lack of African-American on air and behind the scenes. As an African-American, and a state that is about 25% of the total population, we should be showcased on the air in a positive light. But, not just my group, but all people. Have hosts of all backgrounds. Don’t talk about a group, but have those people there in studio.

  • John Eric Schneider

    Our choice is not whether change will come, but whether we can guide that change in the service of vision and ideals toward a social order shaped to the needs of all the people of New Jersey. In the long run NJ TV can master change not through force or fear, but only through the free work of inquisitive, understanding minds and an openness to new knowledge to the benefit of New Jersey. This achieved can only strengthen the most fragile and most powerful of human gifts: the gift of reason.

  • Matt Leventhal

    I was trying to give the new show a try. It it far worse than I imagined. No more location shoots at all? This is beyond pathetic. This is what you get when the governor gives you a choice between a this pittance and nothing. I really thought it was going to be better. This is a news magazine at best, not a nightly news show.

  • Matt Leventhal

    Then again, how could a 90 percent staff cut result in anything else.

  • Fred Moltz

    I am very encouraged by the breath of fresh air that looks like we will be getting from NJTV.

  • Tony Mondaro

    I was able to watch a few hours of programming on Friday and of course the new NEWS program NJ TODAY, I am willing to give it a pass since it was the first broadcast to be honest wasn’t near the level that I was expecting. Also if anyone from NJTV are viewing are viewing everyone comments here let’s here from you NJTV staff also here on this thread and tell us what your thinking is of everyone’s comments here so far. Have a nice weekend everyone !

  • BringItALLBack

    One thing for sure…you are NEVER going to see a story on NJToday about the control the political bosses in NJ exert on the political process, and without understanding that story, you cannot even begin to understand New Jersey politics.

  • Jeff

    I saw that this week’s NJTV schedule has a lot of programming featuring Frank Sinatra on it. Does anyone know how the NJPBA-Public Media NJ mangagement contract defines Jersey-centric programming? I wonder if this programming technically counts as Jersey-centric because of Sinatra’s Hoboken connection.

    I hope that NJTV produces or acquires New Jersey-centric programming that is exclusive to them, or shows that air first with them. If the station doesn’t have its own signature programming, independent of Thirteen, then a media “voice” will have been lost with NJN’s demise, and NJTV will simply be another duplicative public television channel made all the more apprarent by cable television bringing out-of-market signals into the home. (I get WLIW, WNJT, and WNET, and also the independent WNYE through my service.)

    I am looking forward to seeing what New York Public Radio does with the four radio licenses they acquired. They have a strong news operation and already do a fair amount of New Jersey coverage on WNYC AM and WNYC-FM.

  • Janos

    To all;
    The HIGH DEFINITION signal on NJTV requires most of the bandwidth of the channel. This “channel” is capable of broadcasting four “standard definition” signals. so, effectively you can have one HD program or four Standard Digital format programs.

  • robyn letz

    I am a member of NJN. Forgive me, I’m mourning our loss.
    I agree, Jim Hooker and Michael Aron had the journalistic experience and integrity to ask and demand the answers to hard questions. Please consider the return of “On the Record” and “Reporter’s Roundtable” if they are even interested.
    This isn’t Steve Adubato’s forte. Despite telling me over and over that he will ask the questions I want answered, I’m still waiting. I would like to thank Governor Christie for lowering the level of discourse in NJ by calling a member of the legislature a “jerk” and responding to a question from a citizen, tax payer and registered voter, “none of your business.” Plain speech doesn’t need to be discourteous. In his interview of Mr. Christie, Steve Adubato backed down, changed the subject when the conversation got uncomfortable and let the Governor bully him. It is what Mr. Christie does best so I don’t really blame Dr. Adubato.
    I have watched the News Hour since it was The MacNeil/Lehrer Report. If you think NJ Today is anything like that, I suggest you view archive tapes or simply hire Jim and/or Robin to consult.

  • C. V. Gruner

    I am in my ’70’s and have lived most of those years in NJ at scattered times. I remember Channel 13, Newark, which was the present WNET’s beginning. I receive several PBS television channels through my service and have viewed WLIW’s programming. I believe they were a Long Island station, another location overshadowed by New York City, and there does not appear to be much Long Island centric programming there. If this is what you ultimately do with NJTV, the programming will be useless. It will be reminiscent of most of the media services with 200+ stations and 180 of them almost carbon copies. If I watch news, I do not want opinion, here-say or political lines; I want factual reporting; I am more than capable of making up my own mind. That said, I am willing to give this new station a chance. Much ire has been caused by a governor who must have everything his own way in all things; unfortunately, due to the circumstances, much of that ire is now directed at you. I renewed my membership to NJN in March; in my point of view, that leaves 9 months for you to get your version of NJ centric programming together and prove to me that you wish to serve NJ as well as your predecessor did. You have very large shoes to fill. If you do not, you will have one less member and, as once before, NJ will be left with nothing. Hiring some of the former NJN personnel might help you to ascertain what New Jerseyans, not New Yorkers, consider proper coverage. Governors, from both parties, fortunately, come and go. NJ TV coverage has gone twice; here’s hoping it will come back again. Judging from the many comments posted here, many people will be watching, and waiting.

  • Recall Christie

    Christie needs to be recalled…plain and simple… The middle class is now the working poor in NJ. He has not created JOB ONE !!!! He has given tax breaks for the sinking (in more ways than one!) Xana-fluk project, tax breaks for defunct casinos and Joey DiVincenzo still picks up 2 pensions…while shutting down clinics and mental hospitals doing good dedicated work! On top of the ARROGANCE! When will it stop! When we vote him out and each politician voting against the middle working class!

  • BringItALLBack

    Robyn, you have hit the problem on the head. The woman in question, “Gail”, merely asked the Governor whether he should be deciding to cut public eduction when he sends his children to private schools. The Governor, who is supposed to be responsive to ALL the citizenry, told her it was “none of your business!” A good interviewer would a) not have held this question to the last, knowing full well what the Governor was going to say; and b) have told the Governor that Gail did not ask a personal question such as “why do you send your kids to private school?, or “what school do you send your children to?”, and made him answer the question. You know what else a good interviewer would do? When the Governor said “I pay $38,000 in property taxes” as if that excuses everything he does to us, Dr. Adubato should have said, “but Governor…you are worth $3.8 M, so that is 1% of your net worth for property taxes. What do you say to a middle-class family who has little net worth, or even one that is worth $100,000, paying 1% of their net worth in property taxes annually?”

    See, I pay over $6,000 in property taxes, but I am worth NOWHERE NEAR $600,000…not even $100,000. If I was, I’d be grateful to pay $1,000 in property taxes. I don’t even mind $6,000, though right now I agree I can’t pay more. Adubato could say things like this in reply; he knows the issues or should. He gives the Governor softballs. Perhaps I could come on and interview the Governor and do more to put him on the spot as an interviewer should (if he says outrageous things and acts outrageously like this Governor).

  • NJ Viewer

    I love New Jersey because New Jersey has: 1. Princeton University one of the Ivy League universities in the world. 2. The Jersey beaches, not every state in America has the beautiful beaches like in New Jersey. 3. New Jersey has many prime real estate locations one can easily travel to NYC in less than 15 minutes or 20 minutes and enjoy whatever NYC has to offer such as The Wall Street, The United Nation, Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The Broadway shows and still able to come home to a quiet and peaceful home. There are houses that sit on acres of land in New Jersey.
    We also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Neal Shapiro for purchased NJN and with the help of Governor Chris Christie. We are tired of years of corruption and politics constantly spend countless of times talking and accomplish absolutely nothing in the same time trying to balance the budget with a dysfunctional checkbook and the end up with a 14 trillion dollars deficit. There was an old saying that talking is cheap action speak louder than words.
    Finally, for the future of New Jersey let give NJTV a good new start and some encouragements, motivations and let celebrate a fresh brand new NJTV with a team of new young staffs, new young reporters and young new journalists etc…….

  • Let America Be America Again

    What was most troubling about Mr. Adubato’s questioning Gov. Christie for having called Assemblywoman Huttle a “jerk” was that Adubato didn’t even know exactly why he called her a jerk. He mixed Huttle up with the caller whom Christie rebuked for asking him where his children went to school, and had to be corrected by Christie.

    I can’t imagine anyone from the NJN News team – or even anyone who closely follows NJ politics and current events – needing to be corrected on such a major incident. Especially one that was reported in not only the NJ media (, but the main NY dailies, as well.

  • Tony Mondaro

    Some good news it looks like NJN’s Briana Vannozzi was hired as a reporter for the new NJTV let’s see if other will follow Briana was on the Monday’s NJ Today’s program reporting from the Jersey Shore.. Good luck Briana !! Great to see you with the new NJTV !!

  • Nicholas

    NJ Today was a disaster! Watching Rafael Pi Roman was worse than watching Sarah Palin at the 2008 Republican National Convention.Please bring Michael Aron and Jim Hooker to NJ Today this fall if you don’t, i will boycott the network and please cancel charlie rose.

  • Sarah

    I realize this is week one. However, we need real NJ news in a timely fashion, not news that’s 36 hours old. Romano is not a news anchor; his gestures are distracting. So far,”NJ-centric” means Hoboken and Newark. Better get your act together quickly.
    I really miss Michael and Jim and in-depth reporting

  • Rob

    WOW What a difference. I just watched my first episode of NJTV summer edition news. It is vastly superior to Jim Hooker’s show. High definition cameras, well spoken broadcasters and much more professional editing and scripting. Congratulations and thank you!

  • Mike

    The 6pm news show is more like a Sunday morning political interview program. It is not the daily news!. Please bring back a true news anchor, Jim Hooker, and reporters on the scene to report the news. I can’t watch the show as it is now. Bring back the NJN style news show.
    Also, on today’s show you should have asked Weinberg about her double dipping pensions.

  • ggilsey

    40 years of NJN has been enough…. It is a waste of money to fund a public television newscast in a state where we get both Philadelphia and New York coverage.
    Besides NJN was boring and who needs statehouse coverage.

  • Joanne C

    How can your broadcast be overshadowed by the news broadcasted by the students of Mercer County College ? They are more current, have better on air talent and better production values. Today was worse than the first day. Once again 7 minutes of reading headlines from the newspaper. No news crew, no actual reporting. WE CAN READ THE HEADLINES ourselves. How old was the interview with the senator? Over a week? Then Steve, the governor’s friend, is more concerned about Sweeney’s anger and emotion then actually discussing issues like the budget cuts. And as a reminder, New Jersey is bigger than what you see when you look across the Hudson River. They should have just let NJN go to black. This is an embarrassment to us.
    And to Rob above…They are sending the signal over the same towers, it is the same quality signal just bad content.

  • Jade Terre

    I am very disappointed in your “summer” edition news coverage. What exactly does that mean? Are we expected to see such watered-down reporting because it’s summer? And this is supposed to be more professional than NJN News was?
    Please … tell the news announcer to sit down … better yet, bring back Jim Hooker and Michael Arron, who had decades of NJ reporting behind them.
    The most frustrating aspect of this “news?” is that there is no film! How can you have professional reporting of NJ without any film? The announcer just stands there and gives short, smiling shrift of the events of the day. I have never seen such a poor, unprofessional news program.
    Ah, well, what can I expect? It is summer, of course.

  • Lannie

    Not a surprise to see how ….Steve Adubato Jr. continues to feed at the public troth. With all the fine NJN reporters…who were let go….Steve’s daddy….still manages to use his influence to insure ob security for his little boy. This tells me much about the new NJTV.

  • Lannie

    Not a surprise to see how ….Steve Adubato Jr. continues to feed at the public troth. With all the fine NJN reporters…who were let go….Steve’s daddy….still manages to use his influence to insure job security for his little boy. This tells me much about the new NJTV.

  • Lannie

    The Charlie Rose show? No thanks.

  • Lily

    Much as I am saddened by the demise of NJN and feel badly that many of the people we have counted on for the last 40 years to bring us the news and the issues will be replaced, I have great faith in the new NJ TV and its ability to bring quality, New Jersey oriented programs to the new entity. I am looking forward to see what they produce.

  • Luke

    Rafael Pi Roman is a wonderful host for the NJ Today summer edition. His enthusiam and personality make the show segments enticing and enjoyable. I enjoy hearing the quick New Jersey related news updates from him without having to listen to New York related news issues like on other networks.

  • lisa emmons

    First night I get the opportunity to listen to the better part of the new NJRM radio news broadcast since the transfer of title and I get 1) an interview with Tom Kean Jr and how he has taken on the state charter schools and school equality, but how funding and money have absolutely no input in the output of student ability or training (not to mention the questions were fed and many questions regarded off topic future campaign considerations of Mr. Kean and how he might raise funds for that eventually). The $500,000 mandated by the state supreme court for lower income school districts was not necessary according to MR.Kean and will have no apparent influence on the outcome of the children in question.
    2). The gentleman who runs behinds Christie’s tuchkis day and night and just loves to report to his on line blog regarding his Christie’s antics'; apparently Christies’ ranting at some of the questions from reporters are ‘cute and comical on response’, and everyone just chuckles and gets on with the afternoon. But don’t worry, his reporting is absolutely unbiased. I am glad to see Tom Kean sees such geitty in his reporting, but I somehow seem to think I am not getting the whole perspective?
    THIS IS NPR??????

  • Doug Douglass

    Reporters on a station that claims to be proud of New Jersey should know how to pronounce local names. No one in Hudson County says Gootenberg and the state university is not Ruckers.

  • Jade Terre

    Someone please explain: where, oh where, is film on the nightly news coverage? All we see, if anything, is a still photo … doesn’t anyone think this news report is as unprofessional as I do?

  • Jay

    Jade, NJN had a back haul network to collect and produce live news from anywhere in the state. This new entity was not interested in using that network/ equipment. The only indication they made to bring us live or near live footage was through Skype links. So we can look forward to grainy, broken up video, maybe in the fall when everyone is off summer break. By the way, the Montclair proposal did express an interest in obtaining this capability.

  • Joanne C.

    NJN’s Briana Vannozzi was doing a freelance job for NJTV. Good job to her and her crew but they are not employees NJNTV. therefore NJNTV hasn’t improved anything yet.

  • Nicholas

    Charlie Rose and Rafael Pi Roman? NO THANK YOU.

  • Regan

    It’s pronounced Appel Farm – NOT “Apple” Farm as Susan Hait said in her piece about this wonderful arts organization tonight.
    Reporters should properly research and know how to correctly pronounce the subjects of their documentaries.

  • David PR Bailin

    I have been a faithful member of WNET for over 30 years. NO MORE! But you agreed with the Fat Man to destroy NJ network. The first fruit is the loss of NJN News and its replacement with a cheap, pallid, program called NJ Today – with NONE of the NJN News staff. SHAME! No money EVER!

  • Baily Stabler

    Now I see NJTV wants people to submit video for them to consider airing but not paying them for it. That’s called youtube. Hmmmm you can actually make money on youtube if you get enough views. This is such an unprofessional set up. NJN had 3 news offices around the state, crews, and sat trucks.
    So all public employees now must live in NJ but if NJN staff were to get jobs with NJTV they would have to commute to NYC I guess. No one knows NJ better than people in NYC right. Oh NJ Transit just raised the cost of trains to our NYC- NJ tv station too.

  • BringItALLBack

    Rob, style over substance, huh?

  • Sue

    Where’s the news at 6:00 PM???? Five minutes is all they can come up with? Can we not afford a chair and desk for Rafael? Find it hard to believe that 20 employees can produce the same quality and experienced level of programing of 120. Hoping for improvement.

  • jb838790

    I like Rafael and Steve, but they will never be the quality interviewers or reporters that are on the News Hour, Charlie Rose, or for that matter, the former NJN News. Please stick to Caucus NJ and the NJ Capitol Report, and leave the reporting to others. So what are the alternatives? Hopefully NJTV has some…

  • fiddle

    where is the new jersey news.
    very dissapointing.
    not worth watching

  • Rob

    No more dumbed down interviews. Incisive commentary. Thoughtful presentation. It’s all about substance. I love the “new” NJN news. Disclaimer: I have never been a state employee or apologist. Not that all state workers are biased…

  • RXC

    Kudos for bringing Michael Aron on board. Jim Hooker should also be considered given his in depth knowledge of NJ news coverage.

  • Pierre

    Great decision to hire Michael Aron. If you could just go one step more and recreate Reporters Roundtable with Michael in the chair that will add more depth to your NJ political news coverage. You can rename it to brand it as an NJTV production , just keep the format. ( Journalists Insight or Press Briefing.,or NJTV Press Release )

  • Sue

    It would be nice to see NJTV but my cable company is getting a weak signal no picture since 8/11. They say the problem is on your end. It’s now 8/14 and still now working this has happened repeatedly since July 1 start. Never had a problem with NJN out Trenton.HELP! HELP! HELP!!!

  • pollytaylo

    The service you are providing is a great disappointment.
    The interviews on the Nightly News are a joke and the video and voice on SKPE is awful.
    What happened to NJ N2?
    We are getting a rehash of channels 13 and 21 with little original to N.J. There is so much missing for us as consumers.
    Where will the NJ bureau be located?
    What has happened to the library of programs from NJN? Many of those old programs are better than the programs you airing.
    I sure hope you will get your act together soon.
    A very disappointed former NJN viewer.

  • Gary Takacs

    When do we get to see the old NJN “Reporters Roundtable” and “On the Record”. You have had enough time to develop NJTV and so far it is pittiful. Even News 12 Cablevision is eating your lunch. How can a PBS station that produces such fine programs as Frontline and Nova produce such a lousy evening news for NJ?

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