Tom Kean Jr. Sees Potential For NJ


After yesterday’s session of the League of Municipalities conference in Atlantic City, Republican Sen. Tom Kean Jr. told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that he believes there is incredible potential for New Jersey.

When asked about the election and Senate President Steve Sweeney’s victory over Niki Trunk, who Kean publicly supported, Kean said that the Republicans earned 63,000 more votes statewide and only earned 16 out of 40 seats.

Despite the disagreements between Kean and Sweeney, Kean said, “I think that Steve and I will have a partnership going forward. It’s clear that Steve would rather deal with someone of lesser medal than me, who has fought clearly on important principles on behalf of the state and his party, and I think going forward there are a lot of big issues that we need to work on.”

Kean said that the Republican agenda is to make the state more affordable, make the government more accountable and create more jobs.

“We need to make New Jersey the center for innovation and opportunity now and going forward,” Kean said.

He said that New Jersey needs to out-compete neighboring states and those around the country as well because too many citizens are being lost to other states. Over the last decade, only Michigan and New York have sent more people to New Jersey than have gone to them, Kean said.

“That, over the last decade, is a horrendous record of people who have lost faith in New Jersey. People are again regaining faith in New Jersey because we can create economic jobs with the governor,” Kean said.

According to Kean, 143,000 new jobs have been created and new businesses have been coming to New Jersey and have been growing and expanding here.

“I’m always optimistic. We’ve got a great leader, a great system of government and strong people who are the backbone of the state, who care passionately about their families and the future of the state of New Jersey, and there is incredible potential for incredible opportunity,” Kean said.

  • RealDeal

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