Sen. Barbara Buono ‘Seriously Considering’ Run for Governor


Democratic Sen. Barbara Buono said she is “seriously considering” a run for governor during an interview with NJToday Managing Editor Mike Schneider.

While Buono hasn’t made a decision yet about trying to challenge Gov. Chris Christie, she said, “This governor has chosen millionaires over the middle class and somebody’s got to stand up for them.”

She also discussed changes to the state’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and the new anti-bullying law. Buono has been instrumental in changing OPRA to allow members of the public more access to government operations.

“I think the public has a right to know how the government is spending their money,” she said. “It’s public money and that’s why I expanded the OPRA law to also include independent authorities. Those are entities that are quasi governmental, but they have a lot of public funds, a lot of taxpayer money that they’re using and I think that the public has a right to know where that’s going and how it’s being spent.”

Buono said she was happy the anti-bullying measure went through, calling bullying an “endemic problem.” She said the additional money allocated for school districts for training and personnel is a fix that she believes will be a step toward providing protection for the state’s children.

Buono was a sponsor of the first anti-bullying law in 2002 which was updated in 2007 to include cyber bullying. She said the newest action should help the law be more evenly applied throughout New Jersey.


  • Will

    I really do wish you would run..We need a true Blue Progressive in office..Christie has to go!

  • David

    Senator Buono has been a superb Assemblymember and Senator. NJ needs a smart dedicated, concensus building Governor whith impeccable integrity. Senator Buono is NJ’s best prospect!

  • Julie

    Senator Buono would make a fantastic governor of NJ and we are in desparate need of a strong, open minded and effective leader in that role. I hope she runs and will support her if she does!

  • Linda

    I would love to see Senator Buono run. She is so smart and pragmatic and I think she is up to the challenge of defeating Gov. Christie.

  • Anita

    Congrats to the next Gov of New Jersey!!!! Run, Barbara, Run!!!!!!! Right on to victory!!!!! We neeed you to fight for NJ working familys, and get rid of Gov Scott Walkers clone Christy!!!!!