Political Roundtable: Feb. 7, 2014


Republican Strategist Dale Florio and Democratic Strategist Adam Silverstein discuss the week in politics with NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider.

Topics include if Gov. Chris Christie has been frozen out by other politicians, if Christie should step down as chairman of the Republican Governors Association and Christie’s reaction to the George Washington Bridge controversy.

  • jon

    Sorry, I am strongly for Governor Christie……. He has done so much for new jersey, first governor ever to . He tells it like it is an if you don’t like it so be it! I find that those who have something to say are either Democrats/liberals.. And me for 1 as a resident of new jersey all my life think he is the best thing we have!! I for 1 plus many others I know would vote for him for president if he were to run! He is straight forward and not afraid to stand up to anyone and I like that in a politician, shows good candidate for a president….ANDDDDD at least he did something when he found out what happened with the bridge.. he got rid of those he found to be responsible, and thats more than our President Obama has done in all his 6 years as president. We have not gotten answers on Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Fast and Furious Scandal…. not one person has been held accountable for any of these…….. I am more interested in what is happening in my country which is falling apart, and that includes obamacare. Do you know yes we can get obamacare for medical help from doctors, but when it comes to getting the medicine you need, you can’t get it because either your insurance won’t pay for it, or its way to expensive that you can’t afford it!! This is called the DEATH SENTENCE! I know a few of my friends on medicare , went to doctor * one has cancer, needs pills, went to the pharmacy to pick up her perscription, the pharmacist says the pills cost 1600 dollars, medicare picks up 1200 therefore you have to pay 400 dollars. She couldn’t afford it, walked out, tried calling pharmacuetical company , there is nothing she could do. then she needed dexalent , cost her 87 dollars, and they told her she can’t get that perscription anymore cause they aren’t paying for that medicine. She called up the pharmacuetical company almost all day on the phone wasn’t getting anywhere, spoke to supervisor, after all day on phone, the supervisor said “ok giving you 1 more year and thats it! Pharmacuetical companies are now running our lives , whose to live and whos to die! Another , my other friend has colitis and dr put him on 2 different meds , he also on medicare. One of the meds a pill cost out of pocket 400 dollars , and then he has a suppository , when he went to pick it up, pharmacist says its 1900 dollars , medicare will pay 1300, it will cost you 600 dollars he said put it back, I can’t afford it. So NOW OBAMACARE says you have insurance, but what good is insurance if you can’t afford now the medicine????? THATS WHY ITS CALLED “DEATH SENTENCE” OUR GOVERNMENT is telling us , your going to live, or you can’t afford the medicine , so now your going to DIE!!