NJTV News with Mike Schneider: Jan. 28, 2014


She accused the Christie administration of abusing power. Now, a Hoboken official accuses Mayor Dawn Zimmer has been doing the same thing. New poll numbers for the governor and they are not pretty.

  • DanS

    Sounds like political arm twisting by Dawn Zimmer to reward her Florio Law firm political supporters, one of which is Ravi on the city council and a Zimmer supporter–and clearly from an ethical perspective his law firm should not be able to vye for any Legal contracts that he has control over. This is a Zimmer payoff to the Florio law firm–Hudson County politics

  • Forde

    Wasn’t Carmelo Garcia reprimanded by HUD for giving the appearance of trying to steer the Legal contract to his personal friend Charlie Daglian? Anyone who has seen Daglian “perform” at a Housing Meeting can see why the board would want any other lawyer. I think he has even given legal advice on his own contract which might be an issue with the NJ Bar.